Iranian Pinocchio Cartoons Win Yahtzee

Pinocchio’s nose is one the most common editorial cartoon metaphors, and with the news that Iran launched a missile capable of striking Israel while claiming their nuclear program will only be used for “peaceful” purposes, it’s no surprise that we suddenly have noses growing out the wazoo.

Pinocchio’s nose is one the most common editorial cartoon metaphors, and with the news that Iran launched a missile capable of striking Israel while claiming their nuclear program will only be used for “peaceful” purposes, it’s no surprise that we suddenly have noses growing out the wazoo.

When five or more cartoonists draw the game gag, we refer to it as a ‘Cartoon Yahtzee.Here’s a brief explanation behind them, but there is a basic rule of thumb to go by, “if one other guy drew it, he’s a plagiarist; if five other guys drew it, they’re hacks; if a dozen other guys drew it, they are honoring a tradition”.

Vote at the bottom which cartoon included in this yahtzee is the best:

Jimmy Margulies - The Record (New Jersey)
Jimmy Margulies - The Record, New Jersey
Nate Beeler - The Washington Examiner
Nate Beeler - The Washington Examiner
Pat Bagley - The Salt Lake Tribune
Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune
Hajo de Reijger - The Netherlands
Hajo de Reijger - The Netherlands
Olle Johansson - Sweden
Olle Johansson - Sweden

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

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The cartoons are excellent and make the point; the less than sane Iranian leadership, deep in the trenches of the bizarre, continue to be bad actors in their own mad drama. Lost in the 8th century philosophy of the less than rational, they seek to adapt technolgy of the West in the pursuit of an unclear objective. Unfortunately the inexperience of Mr. Obama, as well as his lack of sufficient intellect or anything that fills out his flimsy CV, plays into the muck of the Iranians. A will to resist and an ability to comprehend the tools of power the nation has seems to escape Mr. Obama. In part, he has never served, seems unaware of history that matters, and is clearly not able to see the difference between Chamberlain and Churchill or the appeasers in his own party and the views of the generals who are the experts. One wonders if Mr. Biden, not know as a mighty intellect either, is writing the Obama scripts of non-action. In any event, the nation, already adrift in possibly the worst American admninistration since that of Mr. Carter, continues the shift to the left, the only place Mr. Obama seems comfortable.

They are all just fine, but for me it is a tie between Nate Beeler
and Hajo de Reijger, hell, give it to Hajo, he wins by a nose…


John Dinwiddie

They are all good.
I wouldn't want to go out on a limb. sorry….

But seriously, I hope Obama, and all, keep talking; and not take the road that Bush, and others, have taken with Iran, which can only lead to disaster.

Wow! Lost in 8th century philosophy, Obama, Churchill, Chamberlain, Biden and Carter. Heavy stuff! Wolberg forgot to mention Obama's recent address to the United Nations proposing the long term goal of doing away with nuclear weapons or current efforts to reduce stockpiles.

I think they should keep on talking until we really need our military to clean up the nuclear mess…

Why do most of the "noses" look like missles???

Mr. Wolberg, one musn't get "wee-weed" up about the Bamster's indecision and vacillation… Word has it that the entire edition of "Commander-in-Chief for Dummies" has been loaded onto Barry Obumblebozo's magic teleprompters and he will be reviewing it and reading it aloud on the flights to and from Denmark! We need fret no longer as our soldiers die at the highest rate in the history of the action in Afghanistan. He will return to the White House with all the answers!!!!!! P.S. Great cartoons of the Iranian noses. Now we need a cartoon of president Pinocchio and Mahmoud dueling with their ever-lengthening schnozzes!!!!

Some people have nothing better to do than say ugly things. My take is that Obama softened up Russia by switching to a rational missile system in Eastern Europe and now is ready to push Iran by collecting a robust alliance, including Russia, to enforce effective sanctions. The stupids on the Right criticised his missile change and now his calling Iran's bluff as showing weakness because they cannot see the overall strategy and wouldn't credit him with anything on principle. People who say Obama has insufficient intellect (Professor of Constitutional Law, two best-selling books, President at 45?) are incapable of understanding his brilliance and so, project their own cluelessness on him.

That doesn't touch him–he grew up in a country toxic with bigotry; so he knows how to keep his cool and keep his eye on the prize. The ugly folks are just soiling their own nests. Obama is busy changing the world. I already hear yesterdays's incoherent protests devolving into whining about every little thing–a few days off, a trip to promote the Olympics (jobs/prestige/ new facilities/ cash from worldwide), a talk about accountability to students–all hysteria about nothing by people who get off saying ugly things about a man we should all be extremely proud of. The fringe, the nuts…..a perenniel feature of American politics but now with their own major radio and tv networks to broadcast this garbage and give it currency by repetition.

Dale, haha, that's a joke, right?? Any liberal can teach constitutional law at most of these left wing so -called universities. Any idiot can write a book (and a lot do) and all it takes to be elected President in this country is to be a smooth talker who can tell the lemming masses just what they want to hear. Obama may have intellect, but he does not have experience. And that is putting us in a very dangerous place.

You are funny. What a joker. Thanks for my laugh of the day.

:)) Thanks for the EYES WIDE SHUT comment Dale.

Excellent advertisement for your little, isolated, Utopian world.


My world is the verdant Santa Cruz Mountains–the most beautiful, friendly, and liberal place in the country. I connect not only to my children and grandchildren but feel a strong connection to nature, to my beloved community, and to the people of the world. It is the Reactionaries who are parochial and isolated, not only from the majority of Americans but from the rest of the world.

As for who can teach where. Obama came out on top at Columbia and Harvard and taught at the University of Chicago. All three are considered top universities in the world. You are truly ignorant.

And if smooth talking is all it takes to become President, how did bumbling George managed to almost win? The lemming masses means you have contempt for the majority of Americans. How can you love your country but hate your countrymen? Do you even believe in democracy?

And where did you study? Where did you earn your advanced degree? Which top-rated law review did you edit? Which critically-acclaimed books did you write.? How many million people did you persuade with elequence and logic to vote you into the Presidency? You are a judgemental ignoramus, IMHO, based on your absurd statements.

Thanks for your compliments on my humor. I am enjoying this forum and the brilliant wit and intellect of my fellow progressives. I also get satisfaction from exposing lies with actual facts. Thank you for making my time here so enjoyable.

And what would Bibi say if you ask him about nuklear energy? His 200 bombs are also just friendly bangers to great the New Year? Secretly built against any rule and international law. And travelled around with german U-Boots, gifted by the german government.

And who said a word about the illegal way Pakistan and India got their bombs? In which country are more Taleban and Al Queda fighters, in Iran or Pakistan? Children are loughing about little drawings but are not able to see the whole thing.

As the new Iranian plant looks quite strong , deeply buried and well protected, Obama who said he would free us from nukes, possibly will be forced to use nukes to stop Iran from having them.
It is all the same like …… for virginity. And the american media will wrap it quite nicely. And the crowd will swallow it like a smartie.

Comit a holocaust to prevent one. Just brillant.

The next time anyone takes a look at the world map, lets say Google Earth. Draw a line from Iraq to Afghanistan.
Guess who is placed directly in the middle, old big nose Abutter-n-da-jam and his pack of gools, fools and desert rats.
Also take a look who is fighting on either side of this new nuclear maniac. You can bet the egg money this loony tune will push the big red button!

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