Eddie Izzard, God, Football and Peace

I went out to see Eddie Izzard last night in Los Angeles. It amused me to hear him preach his common sense atheist perspective while most of the audience roared.

I went out to see Eddie Izzard last night in Los Angeles. It amused me to hear him preach his common sense atheist perspective while most of the audience roared but some obviously pious faces in the crowd grimaced.

I agree with Eddie on most political and religious issues, but there was one point in the show where I wished I could argue with him; he turned serious and pleaded with his adoring American audience to be interested in the World Cup and to love soccer, because if everyone in the world would love soccer, we’d have a chance at world peace. I think I was the only person laughing at that.

I had to laugh; I don’t think Eddie has ever noticed how the English behave at soccer games.

In terms of American football, I’m fortunate to live in Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, where there is no pro football team and the local university, UCSB, has no football team.  I live in atheist football heaven!

America’s disinterest in soccer is an excellent measure of our healthy state of mind.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

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sorry Daryl, but its just a matter of time. Last year ABC televised the finals of the European club championships and now ESPN2 shows English Premier League games almost every weekend. It only stands to reason that if you have every child in the nation play a sport in grade school and summer YMCA leagues SOME of them are going to be fans when they grow up. And that's OK. You can start a conversation almost anywhere in Europe, South America, or Africa just by asking about local soccer.

I think we have only our selves to blame. It's just like macaroni and cheese, both soccer and M&C are marketed to children even if it's perfectly fine if adults enjoy it.

Your argument only makes sense in so much as Americans putting the same psychotic devotion into a football team that they do into basketball, American football and baseball is a scary prospect. You can get yelled at for an Gator jersey in Tallahassee, punched for a Red Sox hat in New York and shot at any given place where Raiders fans are gathered. We'd make hooligans look like hospital candy-stripers.

The Qwest Field owners had to open up more seats because they kept selling out every Sounders game, and this is their first year in MLS. The attendance is on average with many worldwide top-tier national leagues (though, that ignores population density factors).

America isn't disinterested in football – the television networks are.

I grew up in the USA, playing soccer for 12 years. Now, you couldn't pay me to watch it. Dullsville. The passionate whingers above are desperately searching for reasons to pretend it is catching on here in leaps and bounds. It isn't. It's market is slowly growing, and it will be self sustaining, but it will be many decades in to the unknowable future before or IF it catches our love of NFL football.

And as far of that 'rest of the world' stuff goes, Yippee skip. I'm not that thrilled with the rest of the world, and could really care less what they think or do. When other parts of the world come up with good music, food, or art, I listen, eat, and watch. Mostly though, it's either crap or a pale imitation. Besides, I thought you PC Nazis loved your diversity? Then accept America's – we wanna be different and like the stuff we actually like. And we like Football. Don't like it? Move to Europe. We'll be glad to get rid of you.

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