More of My Mexico Cartoons

With so much attention being paid to my blog from Mexico in recent days, I thought I would post a few of my past cartoons on Mexican immigration issues.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

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Mr Cragle thank you for the cartoons you have done currently and in the past. If the Mexican American community is upset so be it. There have been pictures of Mexican American students desecrating the Amercian flag by flying it upside down and under the Mexican flag but they say nothing about this. I guess they, Mexican American's can do things to other nations's flags but they get upset when something like this is done to their flag. Sounds like they have a "double standard".

I like the cartoon of the Mexican Flag. I would not apologize for it as I see no apology coming from the Mexican Government or it's people for the picture of a bunch of mexican students raising the Mexican flag with the American Flag below it "upside down", and doing so in the USA, at an American school. Like them we have Great Respect for our Flag, and that was a much worse thing to do than a cartoon. It is they that have NO RESPECT for their country if they cannot stay in it. I have a hard time believing that they think they can do things that are "DISRESPECTFUL" to us Americans, and laugh about it, and we will just ignore it and turn the other cheek and they have the nerve to call us disrespectful and go crying for an apology when we exercise our American Rights of Freedom of Speech.

The truth hurts, doesn't it? The illegal immigrants in the U.S. enjoying all the benefits that MY CHILDREN are not entitled to certainly have no problem desecrating our flag, Burning and otherwise destroying our symbol of freedom. A lot of Americans (legal citizens) don't realize that President Calderon doesn't want to change the poverty situation in Mexico. Why should he? They can cross the border and live well, therefore not a burden to their own country. Until the Federal Government enforces the law, nothing will change. I've witnessed the problem for over 50 years becoming increasingly worse. I am an Arizona resident and PROUD of Governor Jan Brewer and her stance on the issue. I have no hope the situation will be resolved in my lifetime, and just pray my children and grandchildren can bring about the changes necessary.

Where I agree there is much abuse of our system…it would be appropriate to cartoon the truth as well and not just the hype and fear. Such as the "Welcome Signs" put up by American Employers who just love to exploit undocumented workers while making $$ from the slave labor.

Why not shine the light on Employer's & Contrator's as well such as Hallmark Industrial out of Texas where ….The buses were chartered to Phillip Hallmark, owner of Hallmark Industrial, the controversial oil spill subcontractor that came under scrutiny earlier this week after a Michigan Messenger investigation revealed the subcontractor had undocumented workers on the the oil spill working in unsafe conditions without appropriate safety gear or equipment. ~

Who got arrested? The illegals as they were bussing them back into Texas. Hallmark got paid for the job, but not the illegals they hired and worked over 14 hours a day without bathrooms or breaks or food in some instances. Where is your outrage on those who pertpetuate the woes of our nation by exploiting undocumented workers…the Employer's.

If you claim to cartoon the truth, then actually do so. Otherwise you are just another nitwit.
By portraying only that which fuels you and your ilks hate & fantasies makes you no better than the contractor Phillip Hall and the company that hired him , who are now using loopholes to point all responsibilties back at Hallmark Industrial for hiring illegals.

P.s. You do not have to apologize to the American Mexican Community…as their flag is Old Glory (US Flag) and not Mexico's Flag, hence the word American in front of Mexican.

I feel sorry for you, that in order to fuel your fame incite people in such a way, representing so many that don't believe any other patriotic symbols deserve respect but the ones in this country, people like you give reasons to terrorists to fuel their hate, and attack this country, if you truly cared about the US you would not produce this kind of material, but obviously you are so hungry for fame and money nothing will stop you in your way to the top, where in the end all the things that you don't like about yourself won't go away, same thing goes for the people that approved the publication. You just want to sell, but you are selling out yourselves, can you publish instead constructive criticism? Oh, no that would be harder right? YOU ARE PATHETIC. I hope that the freedom of expression you cling too, will challenge you to keep my post on your site, only time will tell. Sincerely tired of capitalists like you. Time to pass on the word to the people in Mexico to boycott your channel, as well as the hispanic community in the US, so long !

I agree that we have freedom of speech and all these great things in this country, but I believe that we have to respect to be respected. Using the excuse that some students put the American flag under the Mexican one, is no excuse to be disrespectful. We can't live following the rule of an eye for an eye. As my father would tell me "If we all lived by this rule the whole world would be blind, there always has to be a more tolorent side". If you think what they did is not right then why are you doing it? If someone came into my house and began stealing from me , I would'nt go out and steal also because they did it to. I also have one more thing to say. I hate how all these cartoons dipict Mexicans as stupid wierd looking people who always were panchos and big hats. Also as people that just come to this country to use up the "free" things. Let me tell you this #1: I know Mexican people who look as if they are Russian. Not all mexicans are the same. I've meet men that are 6'2 have blue eyes and have light light skin. Stop drawing them all wierd looking. Who's Miss. Universe? 🙂 #2: Panchos are a stupid stereotype, people in Mexico actually wear brands like Prada, Gucci , Armani….etc. #3. I know people who actually pay thier taxes and aren't even citizens, while on the other hand there are those people who are citizens and don't pay taxes. #4 Hispanics don't have health insurance so they still end up paying more money than those who report taxes. Think about it you go to the dentist and you pay at the most $50 if nothing at all because you have medical insurance, they on the other hand have to pay at least $300. Last but not least #5: Mexicans do the jobs us Americans don't want to do …so i don't even know why people are saying they are taking our jobs. Immigrants work in jobs were they get payed minimun wage and have no benefits . I mean who besides them is going to accept a job working out in the fields from sunrise to sunset ,in the blistering hot sun, picking vegetables and fruit. I mean if it weren't for them we wouldn't having our salad or our strawberry milk shake. Ohh and one more thing not all immigrants are mexican 😉 shows how smart we are letting ourselves seem to them and to the whole world…… Chasing people down because of the color of thier skin, like in Arizona; Instead of going ahead in the future, we are going back to rasisim; this time not with the blacks, but with the hispanics.

Daryl, I love your cartoons, past & present on mexican immigration issues. If you ever decide to put them on shirts, cups, banners etc. let me know I will buy some. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

You owe no apology to mexico or mexicans, you don't live in their country nor under their laws.

As for the above statements: ^5 (high 5)
to: mgcj57, Sharon, Carolyn & Betty.

Elizabeth, what country are you from? (Apparently not the United States of America)


To Elizabeth: you are extremely selective in your criticism. Millions upon millions of Mexicans sneak into this country (which is flat out wrong) and then do countless other crimes while here, and blatantly thumb their noses at us with their incessant taco-talk… But do you speak up for these atrocities?
Yet you jump ALL over Daryl Cagle.
Daryl is hard working cartoonist who is using his creative freedom of speech to express his talents (quite possibly for profit — and I do hope he is making a profit! He is a US citizen who deserves to earn a living).
If you don't like his "work", that's just fine. But don't jump on him, especially when I don't hear a peep out of you regarding anyone else (and you know of whom I am referring to).
I went to school with Daryl many years ago (at Santa Barbara Junior High). He's a good guy.

Seeing those cartoons of Mexican immigration you can see the racism and lack of creativity of this cartoonist. Still relying on stereotypical depictions of Mexicans. Look at the Statue of Liberty cartoon, a little Mexican with his hat under lady Liberty as "agghhh Mexican s*it under my foot!" reminds me of the stereotypical cartoons of the Jim Crow era. Unfortunately the reality is that this kind of cartoonist are relying on this kind of controversial depictions to bring attention to them since the print industry is going down because of the internet and new technologies. What surprises me the most is that this guy is actually part of msnbc, it seems to me that such racist would do much better working for Fox News.

Wow!!! You are so racist!! You have no business being in the news business! You only feed racism to the public! Well done my friend, you are not exactly the poster image of the American that our founding fathers foresaw! I feel sorry for you!

Thank you, Mr Cagle, for posting your past offensively racist Mexican cartoons to show that the stupid insensitivity you showed in your recent 'controversial'(quotation marks your own) cartoon about SHOOTING UP THE FUCKING MEXICAN FLAG is nothing new.

What about the way that the American flag has been humilated by Mexicans living in the US? Facebook had a picture where the American flag was like a brick wall, crumbled and broken as the Mexican flag was breaking through? Or the protesters who had the temerity to put swastikas on the American flag in Arizona? Not only was this a disgusting display but a slap in the face to the Jewish community. Are you comparing Arizona to the Holocaust?! The endless horrors they suffered?!
So… now all the Mexicans are crying foul but yet you laughed and applauded the first two? Don't be a hypocrite. Request an apology from Daryl then DEMAND an apology from the protesters that had the swastikas on the American flag to apologize to the Jewish community, the US and the WORLD!!

Señor: Mis felicitaciones por su sencilla claridad sobre la actual situación de México. Lo apoyo.

Hey, Cagle, First Amendment rights are not absolute. If you yell FREE TACOS! in a crowded teatro, the PC police are going to nail you.

Mexico, although rich in natural resources, has always been a nation of crushing poverty. The Mexicans' golden opportunity in the 1970s oil boom was smothered by a population explosion; they literally screwed themselves out of prosperity.

Their cities are overrun with criminal gangs. Corruption is the rule at every level in govt and law enforcement, and always has been. Mega-violence of the current drug wars is rooted in that culture's tradition of glorifying banditry.

Even if when half their relatives are living here, surveys reveal most Mexicans to be strongly anti-American. A large majority admitted to deriving satisfaction from the 9/11 atrocities.

Now Mexicans are OUTRAGED by a little cartoon, and demand apologies?

Don't apologize! Not to Mexicans. And sure as hell not to Mexican-Americans. Any who are THAT devoted to their former country can go back and duck bullets.

Ignoring popular will and federal laws, our political elites have left the southern border uncontrolled for decades. Why have they allowed in millions and millions of people with such alien and destructive values? I have to believe it's because half the political class are whores; the rest just hate America and want it brought down.

It's o.k. for Mexican immigrants and illegals to burn and trample the American Flag while living in this country, but a political cartoon of the Mexican Flag upsets the Mexican government. Well maybe it is time for Americans to burn a Mexican Flag a week until Mexico stops allowing its people to vilolate our internationally recognized border.

Thanks God I'm not interested to be an inmigrant going to USA, I`m so proud to live, work and born in Mexico. ¡¡¡VIVA MEXICO, CABRONES, Y CHINGUEN A SU MADRE LA GOBERNADORA DE ARIZONA Y LOS PUTOS MINUTEMEN!!! Well, maybe they call them like that cause is the time he have sex.

I see no reason for an apology here. The people of Mexico are upset about your depiction of their flag and that is fine. They mention that their flag is sacred to them as a symbol as ours is to the USA. Maybe they should at the Mexican people that have put the American flag on the ground, walked all over it and wrote nasty remarks on it and that all being done on US soil. Let's not forget the students that put the Mexican flag above the US flag and hung our upside down. Where is our apology for that? That's right, there won't be one because they think they have the right to do that because they feel "we owe them" I wish people would realize there is a reason it is called "ILLEGAL" Immigrant.

Apologies??? Why?? Creative way of expressing ideas or points of view. Anyway when the Arizona law started all of the illegal´s relatives etc., were just saying ohh we are going back or move to another state but I did not hear one saying how do I legalize my stay just outlaws.

You're an excellent cartonnist! I'm from Mexico City. Don't worry, we don't have problems with you. You're only a target in the media but your work is really genial.

my shits me that Americans think we're a brown dwarf if you ever come to Mexico to visit the states of Nuevo Leon, Guadalajara, Sonora, Sinaloa and notice they are all white people out there, now I'm from and live in monterrey one of the richest cities in Mexico with a standard of living equal to that of the United States, and Mexicans who cross the border are a weak, failed and most are natives who are also here in mexico discriminated always think so Mexicans are brown dwarf and that are indigenous to cross and have no education, but do not know the real Mexicans studied white and good I say goodbye and I hope you have a different expectation of Mexicans

Your "scandalous" editorial cartoon is nothing more than a depiction of what Mexico has come to. It is obvious that the Mexican Government is either powerless or oblivious to the cartels and the violence associated with them.
The American government is always talking of the rights of all people, legal and illegal alike. You've done nothing more than to exercise your right to free speech and freedom of the press. Good for you Mr. Cagle.

If Mexicans are so proud of their flag and their country, why are so many of them risking life and limb to sneak into the United States of America and live here illegally? Wake up Washington!

Many of you seem to forget that Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada and other areas of the present USA were part of Mexico until the USA made the unauthorized invasion and 'confiscated' it under the warped concept of 'Mainifest Destiny'. You may also be unaware that thousands of US citizens go to Mexico for superior, yet much, much less expensive medical care; where the emphasis is on respect and care. Retirees from the USA flock to Mexico, buy homes and live in a wonderful climate among friendly, welcoming people. Sadly, your concept of 'Mexicans' is skewed by the fact that you see the 'underclass', mostly 'indios' with no skills or education; those who are unable to find work in today's Mexico. Heck; I'll bet half of you are driving vehicles made in Mexico. Please remember that there has been civilization in Mexico for thousands of years and it has a very rich culture. There is respect for the elderly and for family, friends, socializing, etc. Money comes way down on the list, unlike in the USA. Another surprise may be that the food is fresher and even safer than in the 'land of recalls'. So, how do I know this? Well, we've lived and worked and traveled in over thirty countries for the US military and also in business. When we retired, we found it too difficult to re-adjust to the bigotry, racism, and other forms of divisiveness of the USA. So, we looked at the choices among the many American countries; of which the USA is only one. We chose Mexico and have been retired here for ten years.

Another few questions:

Why are Canadians avoiding driving through the USA, or even changing planes in the USA, as they go to Mexico for vacations, or for the entire winter?

Why do Europeans fly to southern Mexico; not to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, where US tourists go?

Where do so many Texans go to the dentist & why?

Where do so many of your fruits and vegetables come from?

Why do you speak only one language; and some of you don't use it very well?

Why is US education the poorest in the civilized world, causing the USA to have to import brains and export jobs?

Why, in the USA, is there so much fear and hatred of 'others'?

Who the hell is this daryl cagle ? Is this guy a racist ? He only draws cartoons of Mexicans but not other nationalities. How could MSNBC not see this. I'm changing cable networks, I always liked CNN for their balanced reporting. Man o man is this guy an idiot or what ? He's proably a teabagger racist. Yeah, of course he is. Has he drawn a cartoon about the mosque situation yet ? Of course not. DOWN WITH MSNBC. Pea-brain daryl, YOU need to go to Faux cable network. The Mexican people, whether they're US citizens or Nationals don't deserve this.

Who the hell is this daryl cagle ? Is this guy a racist ? He only draws cartoons of Mexicans but not other nationalities. How could MSNBC not see this. I’m changing cable networks, I always liked CNN for their balanced reporting. Man o man is this guy an idiot or what ? He’s proably a teabagger racist. Yeah, of course he is. Has he drawn a cartoon about the mosque situation yet ? Of course not. DOWN WITH MSNBC. Pea-brain daryl, YOU need to go to Faux cable network. The Mexican people, whether they’re US citizens or Nationals don’t deserve this.

okay Raza lets boycut MSnBC, Cagle support Arizona law lets, so they are repblicans, lets send our voice people, we do not want this kind of insults behind doors. I'm changing my voting registration, to democrat and no more MSN, boycut this send your massage to the world, the latin roar, use it is your riaght to vote, send your voice to the world, this people respect at the time their rpofits, are distributed, so lets, send that massage, as consumer of this naticon, how many latin leave in US, send your massage, hispanos, vean las graficas, de Srt. Cagle, y desidan por uds,. mismos si lo apollan o rechazan sus practicas, racistas, retrogadas, y degradantes, manden su mensage a MSN no usen sus servicios, asi como todo el que sea republicano, cambie su voto a cualquier otro partido siempre y cuando sea contrario a los republicanos, la ley de arizona es de republicanos, Mr Mccain esta detraz de todo esto. porque se molesto por voto hispano el pasada eleccion presidential, y auora quiere vengarce, de nosotros, haciendo leyes como la de arizona, ojo raza. y tengan orgullo propio nuestros intereses estan de pormedio. y solo unidos venceremos. el voto hispano tien mucho poder, usenlo.

I htnak you so muhc for bringing this up. We can see how "white recist" people are full of crap.

MR.Cagle..I am a Mexican National who lived in the United States of America..I believe and stand for the very foundation of freedom and power that the American constitution was built upon for the well being of the people by the people. I am not exactly here in mexico by my choice, my inmmigration status went awry due to mishaps along the way. when I left mexico I was just like every other foreigner in America searching for the American dream a DREAM that My own country (mexico) my own people and my own goverment could NEVER provide because here we have an unsurmountable amount of social problems specially in the mexican corrupted Goverment who is literally infested with low life, No morale individuals. I love Mexico but hate the system in which it stands. On the contrary I truly love America and its people I was pleased to live and learn from them ..I also seen the tremendous destruccion that drugs have created in American families with in the last two decades, I can tell you that it hurts me deeply to see the Most powerful nation on earth comming down to its knees due to the destructive aftermath of drugs…Mexico has survived and maintain its economy precisely because there is no other thing they know how to do well and because the unfortunate American souls who live hooked to the ravaging effects of drugs. I say THUMBS UP to your Cartoon which has not only raised eyebrows everywhere with in the two sides of the border but it has actually made them definetely think of the stupid behaviour the have been part of…. but the bottom line is…if the mexican people really loved their country, really loved the people, the land, and the national simbol…. they would have Already begun a National Civil WAR against the oppressive mexican Goverment and its lawless officials who to this day continue lying, abusing, and raping against its society in every possible way they can I Propose to raise Arms against the Mexican Goverment with the Help of the White House have the MARINES, AIR FORCE and NAVY take absolute control of Mexico Clean the country of these corrupted officials, Implement a new set of laws and reform the mexican constitution which is a book designed to keep the criminal free and the hard working class oppressed, have a network of identification systems set up to identify every single mexican and control what they do and how they live… thereby incarcerating the corrupted crooked and criminal minds while providing proteccion and true freedom to those who live and abide by the rules of an intelligent cooperative civilized society Let me Add and in a way it is a Straight Forward Message to the White house and to the current president Barack Obama STOP SENDING AMERICANS TO A WORTHLESS ZERO RESULTS WAR the problem is NOT in Afganistan much less in IRAK the problem is right HERE in mexico right in the SOUTHERN border of AMERICA where countless Innocent mexican and American lives are lost DAILY gallons of blood shed in both countries due to a bunch of corrupted goverment mexican officials and money hungry criminals. The Golden mexican Eagle massacred in the tri color mexican flag in your Drawing is a perfectly and precise way to portray a nation who is loosing its Dignity and Respect ………….. Help is outthere, the white house is there, the UN is there… Do not wait for a mexican presidential decition it will never arrive because their feet are way deep in the mud of Drugs

First of all Daryl; I've been a fan of yours for years. Second I never caught on that you worked for the ultra- left wing MSNBC. The your cartoons have always provoked thought (and made fun) of everybody Left,Center and Right . I would think your bosses wouldn't tolerate you making fun of there side. But just keep on keepin' on! Your doin' a great job! About the Mexican flag controversy, I agree with C Vizcarra : as against amnesty and illegal immigration as I am (very), I feel the USA lost a great citizen in C V. I hope you can return the United States soon… legaly . Or at least stay in your country and reform it and make it as good (or perhaps better) than ours. Mexico should not be proud of the fact that they are a 3rd world country, with the few being rich and the many being poor surfs. (Inspite of the fact that you sit on all that oil and minerals) . Want other people to respect your country and your flag, Rebell, Re-form, give freedom to all your people! I have been waiting for some of the people who have come to America, tastied fredom to go back to Mexico (and other countrys) to change there countrys into a democratic-republiic, in stead of ademocratic dictatorsip OR a demicratic socalist state. One note of caution if you are relying on the current administration to help you out 'forgediboutit' ,they (current administration) are trying to turn THIS country into what you are trying to get out of.

It is curious that a country like yours, so many speeches talking about freedom, justice and respect, be the first to do otherwise.

Every day, there are more people in the world when he meets someone who comes from the USA avoids or disregards, this is because of the awkward choices they have made in recent years: for all that fought in the beginning, now do the opposite: start wars for no reason (besides losing), promote debauchery, the lack of values, have become corrupt, all laws driving convenience, the disregard of other people for not having the same skin color not speak the same language or not to think like you, all that before criticizing other countries now do you

During the last years have shown that they have become a nation without order, without direction, without pride, are in free fall and like all empires in the history of humanity, will fall and disappear.

It is time to open their eyes and realize every day that passes more are staying alone and isolated from the rest of the world.

"Measuring the words do not necessarily sweeten his speech but have foreseen and accepted the consequences of them."
Abraham Lincoln.


In case you want to know why the rest of the world love people like cagle, just read the history of your background, europe, like the crusades, that in the name of cristian's or Jesus you guys perpertruade the crusades, or Hitler's aideas Vs humans, or who used the first nueclear bomb, just to name some of your historic background. this is the reason why the world doesn't trust you. is true that some of you try to change by creating new laws to stop miniacs from doing the wrong thing but every time we find people like, Arizonas, law maker, or cagles, arrogance, this take us back to time, of those abuses perpertruade it by Hitler's clones, and removed our civilize side. whatchet and behave, so the rest of the world will learn to appraciate your good will. but you must be consistant, and disciplene actions forsaid. those people are a danger for our sociaty today and tomorrow. those are the people that calls tragedies like September 11. we must stop them before is to late. and good thing about this is that you have proof of those Hitler's clones.

Cagle: You´re a nazi. It´s all. Racist and your humor sense stinks. Ho Ho. You are angry with the world and the human beens. Sorry for you, it´s so sad. You could be happy when you and the wasp lovers had to kill all the inmigrants, I advertise you: don´t come to mexico, indeed, perhaps the next cartoon shows a hearth-drilled cagle. I promise you.

sr cagle,soy mexicano,y vivoen el norte de mexico,no veo burla alguna en su carton de la bandera si bien es cierto, es uno de nuestrossimbolos mas respetados,o el mas ,creo que su "caricatura"incomoda a nuestro gobierno,porque no hacen nada pra detener, este derramamiento de sangre ,aqui en mi city, sucede y vivo a 360 kms, de la ciudad mas violenta del mundo, cd. juarez,es increible lo que vemos , siga con susu caricaturas, pero sin ofendernos , ya estamos muy lastimados, creame. un saludo

sr. cagle, soy mexicano, y vivvo en el norte de mexico, yo no veo ofensiva su "caricatura de la bandera de mexico"tal vez incomodo al gobierno de mexico, porque les toca su irresponsabilidad, no hacen nada para detener este baño de sangre,y vivo a 360 kms. d ela cd. mas violenta del mundo,cd juarez, y es peor , que la "barbarie" sigs con sus cartones, yo se que no nos va ha ofender ,ya estamos muy lastimados,un saludo

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