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I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve added brilliant political cartoonist Bill Day to our stable of award-winning syndicated cartoonists at Cagle Cartoons.

I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve added the brilliant cartoonist Bill Day to our stable of award-winning syndicated cartoonists at Cagle Cartoons.

Bill will draw three cartoons a week for us, along with a local cartoon each week about Tennessee, which we will syndicate to nearly 900 newspapers world wide.

Bill is a two-time winner of the RFK Journalism Award in Cartooning, and a five-time winner of the Green Eyeshade Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. He has also been honored with the National Headliner Award, the John Fischetti Award, First Amendment Award, New York Newspaper Guild’s Page One Award, National Cartoonists Society’s Division Award for Best Editorial Cartoons and James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism..

The defense of the oppressed and their condition is a deep and eloquent theme in his work. “I have great fun drawing and using humor in my cartoons,” says Day. “But when a terrible injustice occurs, I’ll use the most powerful images possible to address it.”

Here are some recent cartoons by Day:

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

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Wow, the radical left with its disarm the population and be like China, Russia and other dictatorships is at it again. Their spend us to the poorhouse philosophy is so sad. Even Putin and the ChiComs are laughing at our debt. But with reservation and hesitation in that we owe them so much.Aw heck, raise working peoples taxes, raise taxes on everything so the Dem liberals can use it to buy votes from slugs who would rather suck the public teat than work. oh, and welcome Comrade Day.

Most the left doesn’t want to disarm any qualified citizen who is willing to be properly licsenced and does not insist on having enough firepower to make the Waco Compound look like a boy scout camp firing range.

We’ve got the right to bear arms, just like we can own a car and drive it.   But I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone untrained and unqualified to operate a Tractor Trailor tailgating your car on the interstate.

Responsible gun ownership isn’t the problem.  Irresponsible gun ownership and usage is the problem. 

Another problem is the rally cry that more guns are a solution to our problems or that the Liberals are going to take away your guns.  I think much of the recent anti-gun stir on the left is a direct reaction to pro-gun pushes on the right (the recent article on here from Michael Reagan comes to mind).

Fact of the matter is in most places where people wind up being attacked by someone who’s gone off the deep end, Firearms, concealed or otherwise, are prohibited.  (namely most places of employment and public institutions).  I would assume my employer’s policy of “no weapons in employee vehicles on company property” is likewise more the “rule” rather than the “exception”.  

Of course that’s only my observation, North Carolina’s concealed carry law clearly states that you cannot take a concealed weapon into a building that displays a “No Concealed Weapons” sign. 

I grew up in a no guns household, as my mother felt having a  gun was not likely to help you, either you wouldn’t have it ready when you needed it, or any attacker would become more violent.   I don’t hold that view, but only because I’ve actually had some experience and training in handling weapons.

I’m able to load, shoot and hit my intended target, I also know to always treat any weapon as if it’s loaded and ready to fire.  I say weapon and not gun, because I own a crossbow, knives and swords, as I used to teach swordfighting and do archery in a medieval recreation group.  My girlfriend owns several handguns.

No one is going to barge in and take your guns (unless you’ve got some crazy in your neighborhood out to rob you).  It would be illegal to do so.

But I do agree there’s no reason why my neighbor should have a room full of AKM rifles and enough ammunition to start WWIII and I really would rather not have anyone who isn’t in the military or some form of defense / police group have access to Assult weapons.

dont feel bad neither do many americans.terrorists can be homegrown and teabaggers as well as muslims.oops, did I blaspheme? good,I meant to.

Yep, nidal hasan and that pfc last week come to mind. However as paul grubman thought with Tucson, and Mayor bloomberg surmised with the Times Square wannabe, those perps were not affiliated with any TEA Party groups. To date, we have kept it above board, and cleaned up all our trash at events throughout the nation. It is the least that responsible people should do. Did you happen to see the mess left by those who attended the jon stewert and stephen colbert event?

Much bigger. Why I even think President Bush left all the “O” on the WH keyboards when he left office. The park service was dumbfounded as to how so few could leave so much. Guess it goes to their upbringing and lack of individual responsibility.    

Possibly why barry increased the number of czars and advisors. He wanted to spread the blame.

Sooner we realize the radical agenda of a protest movement Tea Party bent on setting into motion the decline of a nation for a wealthy few the sooner we recognize it as a movement with eloquent, fluent, articulate, expressive bomb throwers backed by a phone tapping opportunists like Rupert Murdock and paranoid Roger Ailes.

You forgot the Koch brothers – practically architects of the “grassroots movement.” Check out the recent NYer article on them.

I guess integrity has different meanings among artists. I would never question his integrity and lament the integrity of those who would.

Bill Day’s cartoons are an obvious reflection of his solid leftist leanings. These “cartoons” drastically misrepresent any part of reality as most understand reality to be…and I don’t mean anything like that pseudopsych ‘pop’ culture rubric of ‘perception is reality’…(but maybe that’s the point for Liberal ‘thinkers’, show all how mistaken they can really be as a means to generate further anger at them and increase the growing flow of real thinkers and voters into the more conservative mode of rationality).

Pretty funny stuff.  We like the 2nd Amendment, and we don’t like to know that anyone might be abusing that right to make a lot of money.

I’m so glad to see Bill’s work again.  Years ago, maybe 15-20, he was a solid anchor to the Detroit Free Press.  A strong mind and a caring soul lives on.

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