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Moving on From New Hampshire!

I refurbished an oldie for today’s cartoon. After today’s New Hampshire primary the candidate move on to Nevada and South Carolina.

Here’s the eight year oldie. Back in 2008 there was a kerfuffle about Michigan holding an early primary, and the parties enacted penalties against the state to punish it for thinking that it should have an equal role in the election to the favored, early states. I guess the punishment was effective, because we’re not seeing early Michigan this year.

And here’s the quickie video of my cartoon update …


By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.