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Trump’s Gift for Putin

It seems like Trump is always coming up with new ways to please his buddy Putin. Syria is the latest gift.


Here’s a different perspective on happy Putin, from my buddy David Fitzsimmons.


Turkey’s president Erdogan call his invasion of the USA’s former Kurdish friends’ territory, “Operation Peace Spring,” which sounds very nice, as Bas van der Schot points out.


Adam Zyglis draws Putin and Erdogan and Turkey …


Here’s RJ Matson’s view; I love the tie.




By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

2 replies on “Trump’s Gift for Putin”

You know Daryl I love all the great cartoons on your site and I even sent you some money once. But to see such myopic American-only-view cartoons as “Trump’s Gift for Putin” (yours or?) and Adam Zyglis’ “American Interests” turkey carving display, as well as the others broadcasting that we somehow got screwed by getting out of Syria really gags me, and not in the funny cartoon way.

I get the feeling some of you cartoonists aren’t able to see that America’s imperialist days are over, and that America has backed itself into a corner (or maybe I should say bombed itself into a corner). Syria is just the last of a series of bad failures in the middle east, we only ended up there because of Obama’s high-handed arrogant decree that the “Assad regime must go”. We never should have been there in the first place. The fact that we ended up in an awkward standoff with Russia (who was invited there by Assad to help deal with the ISIS people, who we were using as proxies to help take down Assad), is just one more stupid situation we created ourselves. “American interests” in Syria simply equals interests for American & Israeli weapons manufacturers. What the hell other “interests” would we have in the place? Spreading Democracy in the middle east, again? We already failed miserably at that in Iraq and Afghanistan, remember? For the record, I have never been a fan of Turkey (though they are, or were, one of our staunch NATO allies…which shows how much control we [don’t] have over such). But they and the Kurds have been fighting eachother for a long time, way before the Syrian “conflict”, and will be for a long time I’m sure. Just like all those tribes over there. Turkey is also fed up with having to maintain 3.6 millions refugees from the 8-year dumbass war in Syria that Obama & Co. started over there, and have threatened to send all those people to Europe if us and the condescending Europeans don’t stop blaming them for the whole situation. As if Europe doesn’t have enough refugee Muslims overrunning the place. I didn’t vote for D. Trump and I think he’s a blockhead, but he’s also the only prez to stand up to the military complex and get our boys n girls out of dangerous places the USA doesn’t belong in. The fact that Turkey immediately attacked the Kurds was a by-product of the fact that the Kurds have terrorist groups in Turkey blowing up their cities, because Turkey oppresses the Kurds, because…because…. Too bad, but as I said, it’s been an age-old fight between those groups, and WE ARE NOT GOING TO SOLVE IT. Get over it!

If all your pals can draw cartoons from is tunnel-view CNN-inspired geopolitical “America first” viewpoints, maybe you should start a separate page and email feed and label it clearly as such. Or start reading some alternative news sources for a broader view, and do cartoons from that. jt, Phoenix AZ

You can’t give away that which doesn’t belong to you. Syria is a sovereign nation that doesn’t belong to the U.S. We have no borders there nor reason to defend it from its warring neighbors including Turkey and Russia.

These Middle East conflicts have been continuing for centuries with no end in sight. Hundreds of years ago the Muslims tried to take their fight to Europe and were repelled by the Crusaders. Now they are being welcomed by well-meaning liberals who are finding they will not assimilate and are trying to convert their host countries into the same type of communities they have fled.

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