Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso

Here is my latest cartoon, about the Republican infighting while Obama just sits back and waits for a deal.

BattlingGOP 600wideCOLOR Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons


This Fiscal Cliff mess came about because of the failure of the “Super-Committee.” I remembered a drawing a did of the Super-Committee some time ago, with a nice fight scene between super donkeys and elephants …

98752 600 Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons

I liked that Super-Committee cartoon. Super political stuff is always great for cartoonists, especially when super-politicians fail. It occurred to me that I could use the fight scene again, if the donkeys were elephants, so I printed it out lightly and sketched in some rough changes, adding Obama and making the donkeys into elephants in the same, fighting positions …

Sketch600wide Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons

… and then I drew over it for finished line on vellum.  This black and white line drawing is what most people see in the newspaper …

BattlingGOPlineart600wide Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons
… and then I colored it in layers on Photoshop. The line drawing is always better than the color, but readers and editors never seem to think so.

The previous cartoon was also about GOP angst, this time in the form of Picasso’s Guernica (below).

guernica600wideforweb Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons

Oh the GOP suffering; oh the humanity!  I did pretty much the same thing with this one. I printed out the Guernica painting and traced a nice line drawing on vellum.

124469 600 Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoonsI wanted it to look like it came from my hand, which is why I did all the cross hatching and un-Picasso like line quality.  Then I added the gray tone …

124470 600 Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons

Oh!  Those poor Republicans! My most recent one was the New Years Fiscal Cliff cartoon below. This one probably works better on the Web because you have to scroll down to get to the gag.

124677 600 Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons

My wife thought this one was too cruel to babies. She told me I shouldn’t draw it. My Australian cartoonist buddy, Peter Broelman did a similar one today, without being cruel to the baby – and his will get reprinted more because it isn’t in a vertical format.  My wife likes Peter’s better too.  Oh well.

124642 600 Cliffs, Fighting Elephants and Picasso cartoons



Election Day

Election Day © Daryl Cagle,,Election day, voting booth, donkey, elephant, campaign, 2012, Republican, Democrat


Clear Choice

Clear Choice © Daryl Cagle,,Mitt Romney,Barack Obama,President,campaign,2012,election


Christie for President?

Will he or won’t he? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly said he’s not running for president, yet the GOP faithful continue to beg the Garden State Republican to jump in and save them from their slate of lackluster candidates.

What do cartoonists think about the Christie’s presidential dance? Check out our Christie for President cartoon slideshow to find out.

Rob Tornoe / (click to start slideshow)



GOP Debate Cartoons

Tonight, Republican Presidential candidates face off in swing-state Florida in yet another bid to win the hearts and minds of conservative voters. You’d better tune in – you don’t know what the GOP crowd will cheer for next!

Check out what our cartoonists think of tonight’s get together with our new GOP Debate cartoon slideshow.

John Cole / Scranton Times-Tribune (click to view slideshow)


Rick Perry Cartoons

Rick Perry was the star of last night’s Republican debate. Regardless of how you think he performed, it seemed like every question some how related to the Texas Governor. I think the most memorable moment of the night was Perry citing the treatment of Galileo as the reason he didn’t trust scientists on Global Climate Change.

Click here to view our slideshow of Rick Perry cartoons. I’m sure there will be many more to come.

Taylor Jones / (click to view Perry sldieshow)



Five Funny Cartoons About GOP Front-Runners

With all the eyes of the political world fixed on tonight’s GOP debate, I thought it be fun to check out five funny cartoons summing up the race so far for the Republican front-runners.

This year’s Republican field is filled with some interesting and colorful characters, as Punchline’s Rob Tornoe notes…

Texas Governor Rick Perry comes into tonight’s debate as the GOP front-runner, but as Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune shows, he might have to tone down his “Texas swagger” if he hopes to win the nomination…

Michele Bachmann’s popularity has waned a bit since winning the Iowa caucus. But her comments about God and Hurricane Irene brought back questions about her intelligence. Luckily, as Bill Day notes, the storm didn’t cause her any permanent damage…

Mitt Romney remains the GOP candidate with the best chance of winning the nomination, although Nate Beeler of the Washington Examiner thinks that comparisons between ObamaCare and RomneyCare are going to continue to give him headaches…

Ron Paul is still hanging around in the polls as well, although as Dave Granlund points out, his super-libertarian views sometimes runt contrary to Republican values…


5 Funny Rick Perry Cartoons

Now that Rick Perry has inserted himself into the 2012 presidential race, all eyes are on the Texas governor to see if he can overtake front-runners Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney and win the party’s nomination. He’s already turned up the notch in terms of rhetoric, saying that military personnel don’t respect Barack Obama and criticizing the Federal Reserve as being almost “treasonous.”

Hartford Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart thinks Perry looks and sounds like the GOP’s nominee…

For those that miss the days of George W. Bush, Dave Granlund thinks Perry might be right up your alley…

Although as Monte Wolverton points out, Perry might want to remodel the U.S. Capitol a bit…

But what does Jesus think of Perry’s candidacy? Denver Post cartoonist Mike Keefe imagines for us…

Taylor Jones thinks Rick Perry’s real religious devotion comes down to one simple phrase…


Newt Gingrich Cartoons

Newt Gingrich finally made it official, announcing on both Facebook and Twitter that he’s going to run for President in 2012. Actually, his message to his followers was to tune into Fox News on Wednesday night, where he will “talk about my run for President of the United States” with host Sean Hannity (once a Fox shill, always a Fox shill).

What do the nation’s cartoonists think of his chances? Check out our Newt for President cartoon slideshow to find out.

Newt Gingrich President 2012
David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star (click to view cartoon collection)