France, a Neo-Classical Cartoon, Cows and Lunch!

I just got back from our Cagle Cartoons junket to the cartoon festival in St Just France. I’m way behind on my cartoons, but I knocked this one out from a snapshot that I took in an obscure corner of the Louvre.

This is a painting by 18th century Neo-classical painter Louis-Jacque Durameau about the death of Marie Antoinette. It struck me as a multi-panel cartoon with a big Nobel Peace Prize medal for Barack Obama. I almost put labels on the frames, “Then,” “… and Now” but I decided less is more. This painting is really funny – and all the more so because it takes itself so seriously.

The photo below is our group having dinner in Paris. From left to right is cartoonist Adam Zyglis, cartoonist Nate Beeler , me, cartoonist Steve Sack, cartoonist Monte Wolverton, Janelle Beamer, the charming fiancé of charming, conservative cartoonist Rick McKee, Nate’s wife Eve and Adam’s wife Jessica.


Here’s another group shot, around the cow statue at the editorial cartoon exhibition in St Just le Martel, deep in the heart of France near Limoges. Left to right is Nate, Eve, me, my wife, Peg, Justine the cow, Adam, Jessica, Janelle, Rick and Monte. Steve Sack was with us too; looks like he went missing in this one.


The grand prize winner of the festival (the winner of the cow, the “Humor Vache”) was Venezuelan cartoonist Rayma Suprani. The prize is an actual cow. Rayma also got a little porcelain cow.


I’ve long been impressed with Rayma. She drew for the El Universal newspaper in Caracas where she was a brave critic of the Hugo Chavez regime. The government took over her newspaper and she lost her job. Rayma may be moving to the USA next; I look forward to seeing what she draws here.

DarylAndMoinesPortrait600blogI won the grand prize cow at the festival last year, and I drew the poster for this year’s salon. As part of the winner from last year thing, the brilliant French caricaturist, Moines, drew my portrait. That’s me, giant me, and Moines at the right. Moines draws on a special kind of scratchboard and he carved each of my whiskers into the board with an X-acto knife. Makes me wanna pinch those cheeks.  Moines complains that he’s down to his last couple of sheets of this paper, which isn’t made anymore. Shame.


Beeler Moves to Columbus Dispatch

I wanted to take a second to congratulate our brilliant cartoonist, Nate Beeler (view Nate’s cartoons here), who has been chosen as the new staff cartoonist for The Columbus Dispatch. Beeler will start his new job in April, and I asked him to describe how it all came about:

In all honesty, I wasn’t looking to leave The Washington Examiner. But I’m an Ohioan at heart, so when The Columbus Dispatch, my hometown paper, asked if I was interested in applying, I couldn’t say no. I know from growing up with The Dispatch at the kitchen table that it’s a top-notch newsroom and the greatest newspaper in Ohio. (They even have a sign that says it. Finally, truth in advertising!) For me, that’s an incredible platform from which to engage readers with my cartoons. I’m really fortunate to able to move from one impressive newsroom to another, and it’s humbling that The Dispatch likes my cartoons so much. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to be with family. My son will be able to grow up with his grandparents close by, and my wife and I will maybe get to have a few more movie nights out together.

This was the hardest decision of my career, and I will dearly miss my D.C. friends and colleagues. I’ve been taking solace in the fact that in the big newsroom that is social media, their friendship and wisdom are just a tweet away. It will be bittersweet to watch from afar as The Examiner continues to blossom. I can’t comment on whether they are going to fill my position because I just don’t know. This came as a big surprise to them, and they are still trying to catch their breath.

Nevertheless, I’m really excited for first day I draw a cartoon with the words “The Columbus Dispatch” written next to my signature.