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COVID California

We’re having an alarming increase in coronavirus cases in Southern California. Restaurants are closed. Hospitals are filling up. Masks are mandatory as Trumpies demand their rights to go maskless. Fox News and President Trump tell us not to believe our lying eyes.

This California Bear cartoon seems especially apt right now. I drew this one a few years ago as California was suffering from an economic malaise and a variety of other problems that seem trivial now. I dusted this oldie off, gave it a fresh coat of paint and it is better now than ever, so I sent it out to newspapers again.

Our past economic problems seem quaint now. As I was rummaging around in my bear flag oldies I found the next one about California drowning in a sea of red ink. Cartoons like this don’t travel well. Outside of the USA, people don’t know our California flag, and they don’t know what “red ink” means (it means debt). To freshen this oldie up I added some coronavirus balls to the drowning bear in the red-ink red-stripe.

Back in the old days, California was drowning in red ink because of unfunded pension obligations and poor financial decisions by our irresponsible elected officials; the good old days. I exaggerate so much in my cartoons that my drawings for mildly bad times seem just as appropriate when times are much worse –there’s a cartoon “silver-lining” that we can all be grateful for.

See more of my favorite California Bear cartoons here.

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Bloody California Governor Jerry Brown

Bloody California Governor Jerry Brown © Daryl Cagle,,California Governor Jerry Brown,butcher,knife,violence,blood,bloody,apron,budget cuts,debt,taxes


My Super Committee Cartoons

From the start, I suspected the so-called “Super Committee” (view all our Super committee cartoons) was doomed to failure. After all, when has Congress proved it can come together and get anything done over the past couple of years?

Here’s my latest cartoon about the realization of their unsurprising failure:

The only group happy about this debacle are the turkeys roaming around Washington. They’ll be safe this Thanksgiving:

In all honestly, Superman should be ashamed that these Congressional buffoons have co-opted even a part of his name:

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America Looks at its Neighbors – 1932 Cartoon

In light of recent events involving our deficit, military spending and budget cuts, this 1932 cartoon by 3-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Rollin Kirby feels prescient.


Debt and Unemployment

Debt and Unemployment © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama,pig,debt,deficit,pig,unemployment,economy,beggars,corner,tin cup


EU and Greece Crisis

EU and Greece Crisis © Daryl Cagle,,Venus de Milo,statue,European Union,EU,Greece,financial Crisis,debt,economy,greek


New Year for Miserable Democrats

New Year for Miserable Democrats COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Democrats,donkey,wallet,universal health care,war,iraq,iran,headache,debt,party animal,wine,booze,drunk,hangover,congress, new year


Let’s Run This Up the California Flagpole

My home state has been kicking the budget can down the road for years and is finally running out of road. California is facing its biggest budget deficit ever — a staggering $21 billion, or 49.3 percent of the state’s general revenue fund.

As a political cartoonist I look for bad guys to skewer in my cartoons. In California there are bad guys everywhere to be blamed for our fiscal mess: our good-for-nothing Governor Schwarzenegger; our greedy, irresponsible legislature; the media that ignores state issues; and the electorate who votes for more debt to fund wasteful projects like multi-billion dollar trains people don’t want to use. Voters have approved more bond debt than the state can sell. In short, everyone is a bad guy.

Different groups point to their own favorite villains. Liberals like to blame Proposition 13 for limiting the legislature’s ability to raise taxes, even though our taxes are crazy high. Conservatives like to blame labor unions for milking the state dry, and liberals for chasing away business with taxes and regulations. The media likes to blame voters who vote for constitutional amendments that micromanage our dysfunctional legislature. Populists want to tax the rich more, even though the state has gotten into trouble by relying too much on income taxes and crashed when the incomes of the rich fell with the current recession.

But cash-flow isn’t California’s only problem — we also have a water crisis. In Los Angeles I’m limited to watering my lawn after 5:00pm on Monday and Thursday, and I struggle with a low-flow toilet, that has to be flushed three times to work, while rice farmers flood their farms with cheap subsidized water and the legislature has approved a whopping $11 billion bond measure, laced with porky giveaways, to fix the “water problem.” California would have plenty of water and money to go around if we had leaders who could step up and make some serious choices.

My favorite California money pits are the state commissions; out-of-work legislators, who have been term-limited out of office, are appointed to these six figure, do-nothing jobs while they relax and wait for their next electoral opportunities.

We have colorful problems and goofy characters who should make great cartoon characters for me, but they all share the blame so equally, and are so uninteresting as individuals, that my life as a California editorial cartoonist is more frustrating than it should be.

Of course, this all leads me to suggest that we change our state flag.

The bear on our flag might be the only state government character who stands blame-free, and who looks good in a cartoon. We should keep the bear — but let’s change him every so often to let the government know how we feel about them. Here are a few of my suggestions for a new state flag.

California’s governor and legislature could run a few of these flags up the flagpole, and see who salutes them.

Daryl Cagle is a political cartoonist and blogger for; he is a past president of the National Cartoonists Society and his cartoons as well as 50 other cartoonists, at are syndicated to more than 850 newspapers, including the paper you are reading. Daryl’s books “The BIG Book of Campaign 2008 Political Cartoons” and “The Best Political Cartoons of the Year, 2010 Edition” are available in bookstores now.


California Budget Red Ink

California Budget Red Ink Color © Daryl Cagle,,flag, california, bear, california republic, budget crisis, debt, state, legislature, red ink


Obama the Budget and China

Obama the Budget and China © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama, President, China, budget, national debt, debt, deficit