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Happy New Year!

Here’s my New Years cartoon. I think Trump is pretty likely to be re-elected, and this is my way of drawing that.

Sorry about that. I realized this might be seen as a very pro-Trump cartoon, and I put it in our “Trump Friendly” cartoons section, where I seldom appear.

Here are some of my favorite New Years 2020 cartoons from our CagleCartoonists. This one with, Trumpy leaders from around the world, is by Dutch cartoonist Jos Collignon.

I thought this factories and trees New Years cartoon by Arend van Dam was cute …

This one is from our worried, Canadian CagleCartoonist, Dave Whamond

These last two are by our optimistic, photo-realistic cartoonist, Bart van Leeuwen. Trump is good for lots of fireworks.

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Happy New Year

I love the New Years cliché with old Father Time and the New Year Baby. My New Year cartoon has Trump continuing to shoot himself in the foot, now and in the future.

Last year I drew old and new Trumps, dealing with Kim Jong Un – before Trump fell in love with Li’l Kim.

Here’s a New Years oldie with Obama continuing his struggle with a Republican Congress.

And here’s a George W. Bush New Years oldie, with his wars dragging on …

This oldie from 2001 was at the beginning of the “War on Terror” with the invasion of Afghanistan starting, after the World Trade Center attack.

It always seems like the next year is going to be worse than the last year. That was true in 2012 when I drew this cliff cartoon that would be apt today with the falling stock market.