Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my!

It has been too long since I have posted new cartoons here!  I took time away for the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention in Salt Lake City. (You can see me opine on the convention with Rob Rogers and Pat Bagley here.) Then it was the end of the quarter and I had to pay the cartoonist royalties, another three days lost.  So I’m late.  But here are the missing cartoons!

I drew this one of Edward Snowden a couple of weeks ago.
133597 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

It wasn’t long before Ecuador was no longer talked about as a possible asylum for Snowden, so I drew a revision.

134264 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

Today it looks like Venezuela will be the lucky winner in the Snowden derby.

The next one is Obama sweeping some crud under the constitution rug. I thought about labeling the crud “NSA,” and I could have labeled it “Guantanamo,” but I decided labels are for sissies.  Given the e-mail I get from readers, I probably should have labeled the constitution also.

134245 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

Next is Mohammad Morsi in his prison garb.
134171 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

This one is actually in response to a reader comment.  I had posted this oldie of Morsi on my blog …

122900 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

Thanks to Cheryl Akins, who posted a comment that I should draw Morsi in prison garb now – and, of-course, she was right.  I made his face a little cuter the second time around.  I probably should have stuck with the uglier version.

With Egypt falling into chaos, I reposted one of my favorites from earlier this year.
126311 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

Which brings us back to the Supreme Court’s DOMA and Prop 8 decisions.  I drew this one.

133768 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

We had a nice bunch of DOMA decision cartoons, but the best one came from by buddy Nate Beeler, who drew this big wet kiss that went viral on Facebook.

133776 600 Egypt! Snowden! DOMA! Oh my! cartoons

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outpouring of love for a cartoon as I witnessed for this Beeler beauty.  Nice work, Nate.



Pharoah Morsi in Jail

Pharoah Morsi in Jail © Daryl Cagle,,Muhammad Morsi,Morsy,Mohamad,Egypt,prison,jail,stripes,pharoah,king tut,chain,egypt morsi


Pharoah Morsi

Much of the news this weekend is about Egypt’s president, Mohamad Morsi, assuming near dictatorial powers. Many pundits are referring to him as a “pharoah,” so my drawing him as King Tut isn’t much of a stretch for today’s cartoon, but I made him extra short and stupid looking.  This was just such a simple image, and so much fun to draw, and so likely to get reprinted with editorials on the subject, that I couldn’t pass it up.

For those of you who keep asking me to post my rough pencil sketches, here is the sketch for this one.  I don’t clean these up to show here. I’m really working messy and fast, and making mistakes, like how long his staff should be, and the lousy caricature which I hopefully corrected in the line art. I got his neck too fat and his eyes were wrong. Morsi looks cross-eyed to me, and he’s quite an ugly bastard.

MorsiSketch Pharoah Morsi cartoons

Here he is as line art, for the newspapers that print in black and white.  I think it looks best as line art. I trace the rough sketch in pencil on vellum and scan at high contrast so it looks like an ink drawing. I draw on 11″x17″ tab sized paper.

122899 600 Pharoah Morsi cartoons
And here he is in color …

122900 600 Pharoah Morsi cartoons

One thing I hate about the web is that our standard image size is so small – 600 pixels wide, which loses a lot of the details and character of the line.  These usually look better in print because of the fine details.  For example, below are Morsi’s left hand and foot blown up in a detail – it is much more fun when it is big, and you can see the character of the pencil line and my quick, messy, Photoshop color, which appears to be much more carefully done when it is reduced.

MorsiDetail Pharoah Morsi cartoons

I did this one 9 inches wide at 400dpi, in CMYK tiff format, for you wonks. Smart newspaper people will print it in full resolution and the black line will come out clean and crispy.  Many newspapers will convert it to an RGB jpg at a reduced resolution because that is how they get their photographs from the wire services and it requires no thought; then the nice crispy lines will be half-toned and fuzzy, which is a shame, and the cartoon in print will look no better than it does on the web. I’d estimate that about half of the newspapers that print in color make this error – and a lot of them who print in black and white will convert the line art to half tone also, for no reason other than that they don’t think about it.  Very frustrating.

Here’s a nice King Tut Morsi by Taylor Jones

123025 600 Pharoah Morsi cartoons

Here’s Monte Wolverton’s Pharoah Morsi …

122889 600 Pharoah Morsi cartoons

And Oliver Schopf’s Pharoah Morsi …

122893 600 Pharoah Morsi cartoons




Mohamad Morsireposted

Mohamad Morsi © Daryl Cagle,,Mohamad Morsi,Egypt,president,Pharoah,king,dictator,King Tut,mummy,tomb,mohamad morsi