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For today’s BLAME CHINA installment we have four cartoons from Luojie, our CagleCartoonist from Beijing who draws for The China Daily, China’s state owned, national English language newspaper – and four cartoons not by Luojie.

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Luojie, Beijing, China


Bob Englehart

Paresh Nath, India

Dario Castillejos, Oaxaca, Mexico

Sean Delonas (yes, that Murder Hornet came from Japan.)

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Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders got caught up in the Mueller Report last week where she admitted, under oath, to lying to the press. She called the lie a “slip of the tongue” even tough she had repeated the lie a number of times, that “countless” members of the FBI contacting her to say they had lost confidence in FBI Director James Comey who the President fired. Here’s my cartoon.

This is actually the first time I’ve drawn Sarah Sanders. She is great fun to draw, and since she’s on television all the time it would seem that I would draw her often. Maybe I will draw her more –we’ll see if she lasts.

Sanders’ uneven, “smokey” eyes and shapeless form are fun, but her asymmetric mouth isn’t really that big, certainly not big enough for a tongue so huge that she can slip on it. I took a look at how other cartoonists have drawn Sanders.

This one is by Sandy Huffaker. Sandy used to be a regular in the CagleCartoons syndicate and he has retired, but he draws a new one once in a while. I grew up watching Sandy’s work in Time Magazine when I was in school. He should come out of retirement!


This one is by my buddy, Taylor Jones. It’s all about the eyes.


This one by Pat Bagley catches her very simply.


This one is by Steve Sack, who catches her without one big eye.


Here’s one by Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News.


Here’s one more, from New Yorker cartoonist, Chris Weyant, who draws symmetrical eyes, flops her mouth and adds a few pounds and loses a few pearls, but still captures her.



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Trump Sweeps Into My New Store

No matter what garbage comes out each day, Trump just sweeps it under the patriotic rug so it becomes invisible to his supporters.

I drew a similar cartoon some years ago, when I was angry with Obama for sweeping our civil rights under the constitution-rug with his massive system of surveillance on everyday folks …

Sometimes it seems like only the rugs change.

Do you like the Trump flag-rug cartoon? Come visit my cool new store site where we have framed prints and cool products, like this coffee mug …

… and this phone case …

We’ve gotten requests for framed prints for a long time. We have some nice ones in now …

I selected by most popular cartoons for Come take a look!

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TRUE Kids 2!

Here’s another batch of TRUE cartoons with facts about KIDS!

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Trump Kryptonite

There is a lot of Kryptonite around – and Kryptonite is deadly to Superman who runs into the stuff all the time – but Kryptonite never actually kills Superman, who just suffers a bit once in a while from the Kryptonite, then he moves on.



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