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Reince Priebus

I think Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus is funny. His name is funny. His face is funny. Everything about the guy is funny – but he’s tough to draw in a cartoon because most readers don’t know him. It is only wonks like me who watch cable tv news talking heads all day who get to know the guy. But what the hell, I drew him anyway.


I was also looking for an excuse to use this brick wall. Brick walls are funny too. And that last Republican debate on CNBC, that was funny.

I’d love to hear the negotiations that are going on about the next GOP presidential debate. Their first list of demands was funny.

Here is the rough sketch (you guys tell me you like to see this stuff). You can see that I was undecided about where to put Reince’s left arm. Maybe he’s better with four arms.



Libya Mountain Out of a Molehill

It is fascinating to watch Fox News’ team effort to promote the Libya attack as an Obama administration scandal just before the election – and their consternation that other media doesn’t share their passion. Here’s the cartoon I drew on the topic.

121230 600 Libya Mountain Out of a Molehill cartoons

Our liberal cartoonist, Adam Zyglis drew this “mountain out of a molehill” cartoon …

121143 600 Libya Mountain Out of a Molehill cartoons

And our conservative-team-player cartoonist, Eric Allie, responded to Adam with the cartoon below …

121353 600 Libya Mountain Out of a Molehill cartoons

Even though I think the Libya “scandal” is right wing wishful thinking, I love the ‘toon tit for tat.  See more Libya “scandal” cartoons here.


An Homage to Gary McCoy

I ripped off our ultra-conservative cartoonist Gary McCoy with my new debate cartoon. See Gary’s cartoon below mine. I love you, Gary.

DarylBoxing An Homage to Gary McCoy cartoons

119770 600 An Homage to Gary McCoy cartoons