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Killing Teddy Kennedy’s Man-Boobs in Hell

We’re getting a big increase in complaints from editors since Trump was elected. Most of the complaints are about “imbalance” from editors who want to see “pro-Trump” cartoons. I don’t know any “pro-Trump” cartoonists, but we’re thinking about how to be responsive to the complaints and there are other complaints.

Editors complain about cartoons that are too raunchy. The cartoons have gotten a lot dirtier with the rise of Trump. Even though newspaper editors choose which cartoon they want to print, many complain loudly that we even have raunchy cartoons available that they pass over and never print. More importantly we have gotten complaints from schools who want to use our sites in the classroom, so we decided to start cleaning up the cartoons by killing cartoons that have graphic sexual depictions and curse words. Of-course, the other newspaper syndicates have always done this, but as a cartoonist run syndicate I suppose I’ve been a little lax.

One of the first cartoons that got caught up in our new dragnet is the cartoon below by conservative cartoonist, Sean Delonas. My editor, Brian Fairrington, killed the cartoon below because of a bare-breasted “naked lady” in the lower right corner.

Sean amended the cartoon to this version that we have posted now …

I came to this a little late and asked Sean what the story was behind the topless lady. Sean told me that was no lady, that’s Teddy Kennedy. Why the boobs? Sean simply imagined that Teddy’s chest would look like that.

And why is Teddy Kennedy in Hell? Because of Chappaquiddick? No. Sean tells me that there’s no real reason Kennedy is in hell, Sean just he likes to put little Teddy Kennedys into his cartoons and he has done it for years. I guess I didn’t notice.

Sean worked for many years as the cartoonist for the New York Post; he tells me that the folks at the Post really didn’t like Kennedy because of his role in forcing Rupert Murdoch to sell the Post in 1988. Sean’s editors at the Post encouraged him to bash Teddy Kennedy in his cartoons as often as possible, and Sean made it a regular habit that he continues.

Sean adds that he didn’t mind the edit, and that he draws himself bare chested in the same way, because he could afford to lose a little weight. I should add that Cagle Cartoons has no problem with being half-eaten by a worm monster in hell, as long as you’re not topless while being half-eaten by a worm monster.

Gotta love journalism, huh?  See more of Sean wild, conservative cartoons here.

Need a closer look? Here’s the detail …



Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Every Friday, we collect the best political cartoons of the week and stuff them into one big, glorious slideshow.

So just relax and catch up on a week’s worth of news with our Best Cartoons of the Week slideshow.

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Five Cartoons About Obama’s Victory Lap

As we celebrate the one year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden, critics of the President feel it’s inappropriate for him to take a victory lap. They’re especially miffed at Obama for suggesting that his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, wouldn’t have taken the same course of action.

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John McCain, recently said, “You Know the Thing About Heroes? They Don’t Brag.” Romney, when asked by a reporter if he would have made the call to launch the raid, said “of course” he would have. “Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.”

Here are a handful of cartoons about Obama’s “bragging rights.”

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2011 Cartoon Year in Review

Best Cartoons 2011
Daryl Cagle / (click to view all our Best of 2001 cartoonist collections)

Check our our collection of the best cartoons of 2011 here

The end of December is as good a time as any to reflect on the year gone by. As a cartoonist, I find it interesting to look back at all the cartoons our cartoonists have drawn over the course of the year, reminding me of all the news events and controversies I might otherwise have forgotten (was Arnold’s love child already wiped out of your memory too?).

2011 was filled with many monumental moments – the death of Osama bin Laden and Moammar Gadhafi, the passing Kim Jong Il, the rise of the Arab Spring, the growth of Occupy Wall Street.

So check out the best cartoons by your favorite artists in our comprehensive collection of the best cartoons of 2011, and don’t forget to “Like” our cartoons on Facebook.


Obama and Pakistan

Obama and Pakistan Color © Daryl Cagle,,knight, dragon, Osama bin Laden, Pakistan, valiant, quest, foreign aid, billions, dollars, sword


Navy Seals Cartoons

Along with the brave fireman who gave their lives on 9/11, the members of Navy SEAL Team 6 have been elevated into the pantheon of American heroes for conducting one of the bravest missions in our country’s history.

Check out what cartoonists think of the bin Laden killing squad with our new Navy Seals cartoon collection.

Navy SEAL Team 6
Bob Englehart / Hartford Courant (click to view cartoon collection)

Zapiro on bin Laden Killing

I always find it fascinating to take a quick peek at how cartoonists across the world handle big news events. Obviously, the death of Osama bin Laden has been the biggest news story of the year, so nearly every cartoonist has their own take and spin on it.

Here are some cartoons by the great South African cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, who goes by the pen name ‘Zapiro‘ (view more cartoons by Zapiro). You might remember his cartoon about Lady Justice getting raped by South African president Jacob Zuma. One of his trademarks is to draw Zuma with a shower head coming out of his skull, after Zuma revealed during his rape trial that he had sought to prevent himself from contracting HIV by showering after having sex with his accuser.

Zapiro’s cartoons about bin Laden’s death are interesting, viewing the events from a different perspective than an American cartoonist might. His first cartoon is the most “American,” showing bin Laden’s face as one of the twin towers:

Zapiro Osama bin Laden twin towers
Next, Zapiro chose to draw his own conflicted thoughts about the bin Laden mission and the larger meaning of his death:


Finally, he places bin Laden’s death in the context of the “Arab Spring” movement that is washing out dictators throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa:

Osama bin Laden Arab Spring


This Week in Political Cartoons – 5/6/11

We just posted out big cartoon slideshow featuring the best political cartoons of the week. Obviously, the news of the death of Osama bin Laden dominated the news, and cartoonists were able to focus on multiple aspects of the story: everything from the bravery of the Navy Seals team to the possible duplicity of Pakistan.

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Brian Fairrington / Cagle Cartoons (click to view cartoon slideshow)


My Osama bin Laden Cartoons

Like every other cartoonist, my week has been consumed with the death of Osama and Abbotabad, the location of the sprawling complex in the suburbs of Islamabad where bin Laden hid. How did Pakistan not know bin Laden was there? Them must have been out cashing our $1.5 billion check:

One of the more peculiar aspects of the bin Laden story is the fact that we buried his body at sea:

It took long enough to find Osama. Luckily, he gets special treatment:

Even if Obama had decided to release bin Laden’s death photos, the birthers still wouldn’t be satisfied:

Now President Obama has a macho new look.


Foreign Cartoonists on bin Laden Killing

Americans forget that the death of Osama bin Laden reaches well beyond our borders, and touches the lives of people around the globe. The world’s cartoonists are no different then their American counterparts, and have their own opinions about the death of the mastermind of 9/11.

Patrick Chappatte, the cartoonist for The International Herald Tribune, brings us full circle on bin Laden with his cartoon:

Speaking of circles, Dutch cartoonist Hajo sees the bin Laden killing as a full circle of life:

Meanwhile, Israeli cartoonist Shlomo Cohen sees two certificates helping Obama in 2012:

Austrian cartoonist Petar Pismestrovic closes the book on bin Laden:

While Australian cartoonist Paul Zanetti thinks things haven’t changed much for Obama:

Slovakian cartoonist Martin “Shooty” Sutovec thinks hell might not be ready for bin Laden:


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