Puppies for Putin

Kids dream of getting a puppy for Christmas and Putin is certainly no different. This year, Putin’s dreams come true with puppy Trump and puppy Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.


Christmas GOP and Obama

142203 600 Christmas GOP and Obama cartoons


Santa Obama and Slackers

141570 600 Santa Obama and Slackers cartoons


Santa Obama

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this week; he talks a lot about Obama as Santa Claus giving presents to the interest groups that support him – that was the inspiration for my newest cartoon. ¬†Here is the dirty, rough, pencil sketch …

Sketch600wide Santa Obama cartoons

Here it is as line art, traced from the rough sketch …

122852 600 Santa Obama cartoons

I like the line art best, and most newspapers print black and white so this is what most readers see. I’ve noticed that some papers, including my local Santa Barbara News-Press, sometimes print the color versions of my cartoons in grayscale, so I suppose some people don’t like the harsh line look. I put gray into this one to satisfy those people.

122853 600 Santa Obama cartoons

… and here it is in color, as you’ll see it on the Web and newspapers that print in color.

122854 600 Santa Obama cartoons