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Mueller Report Release

The news today is dominated by the Mueller Report, which has just been completed and delivered to Attorney General Barr. We don’t know what is in the report yet, but we know that there are no new indictments, so the speculation is that the report will not lead to any new drama –which may be good news for president Trump.

Cartoonists who have been drawing another shoe dropping are likely just to be disappointed by the air coming out of the balloon. I’m speculating here, since nobody knows what is in the report yet, and maybe this cartoon will be wrong.

It may be that there will be something nasty in the report, but the spin from the Republicans will be “the report shows that we were right all along, no collusion” and the red-state papers may reprint my cartoon no matter what is in the report. We’ll see.

Here are some of my favorite, recent, Mueller cartoons. This one is by Steve Sack.

This one is by Dave Whamond.

This one is by Dave Granlund.




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Sessions Kicked Out

President Trump had his mind on the FBI’s Russia probe when he kicked Attorney General Jeff Sessions out.

Remember when Trump kicked out his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, because of Flynn’s ties to Russia?

That seems like a long time ago, but the news happens so fast now, it really wasn’t that long. This seemed like a good time to update this one. Since I drew this one, I’ve started drawing Trump fatter, and with a bigger face and neck. I spent some years living in New York where Trump was in the news throughout the 1980’s, and he was a skinny guy. It has taken me some time to adjust my thinking of him as fat.

Doesn’t it seem like the characters who get the boot are the most fun to draw?

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Mmm! Firings look TASTY

As every day passes, and Mueller’s Russia probe inches closer and closer to president Trump, the prospect of firing Robert Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Assistant FBI Director Rod Rosenstein looks more and more delicious.

It occurs to me that I could draw every editorial cartoon as a scene from the swamp.

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Michael Flynn – Ready to Flip!

The pundits say that cues from former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn’s lawyers tell them that he is ready to “flip” and testify against someone higher up – presumably President Trump. Flynn has been under a lot of heat –or as I draw it, on top of a lot of heat, from special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Flynn is a wonderful character. His harsh face seems to perfectly describe his harsh character. Sometime you can tell a book by its cover. Here are a couple of Flynn cartoons from my archives. I drew the first one when Flynn “resigned.”

Flynn is an albatross around Trump’s neck.


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Eyes up HERE

Hey. Eye’s up here. Stop looking at my butt. Just because of the anal probe into Trump’s Russia conflicts, as well as his personal finances (we learned today) is no reason to stare at Trump’s butt!

Notice that I gave the bear a bit of a five-o’clock shadow?