5 Cartoons About Today’s Sweltering Heat

A heat wave blankets the country for the second straight day, as temperatures in the Northeast are expected to reach the upper 90s!

Our columnist Tom Purcell may blame air conditioners for the growth of big government in Washington (allowing politicians to keep working throughout the summer), but I would have melted by now if it wasn’t for the cold air being pumped into my studio.

Here are some funny cartoon about today’s scorcher…

Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch (click to view more cartoons by Beeler)
Pat Bagley / Salt Lake Tribune (click to view more cartoons by Bagley)
Cam Cardow / Ottawa Citizen (click to view more cartoons by Cardow)
Joe Heller / Green Bay Press-Gazette (click to view more cartoons by Heller)
R.J. Matson / Roll Call (click to view more cartoons by Matson)

Hot Summer Global Warming

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