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Fitzsimmons Decade!

Dave Fitzsimmons’ favorite cartoons of the past decade are below! Dave draws for The Arizona Star newspaper in Tucson, Arizona, where is is also a columnist and a stand-up comedian.  See the complete archive of Dave’s editorial cartoons here.

This is the last of our Cartoonists’ Decades.

See our other, great collections of Cartoon Favorites of the Decade, selected by the artists, in the links below. ( This is the last one!)

Pat Bagley Decade!
Nate Beeler Decade!
Daryl Cagle Decade! 
Patrick Chappatte Decade!
John Cole Decade!
John Darkow Decade!
Bill Day Decade!
Sean Delonas Decade!
Bob Englehart Decade!
Dave Fitzsimmons Decade!

Randall Enos Decade!
Dave Granlund Decade!
Taylor Jones Decade!
Mike Keefe Decade!
Peter Kuper Decade!
Jeff Koterba Decade!
RJ Matson Decade!
Gary McCoy Decade!
Rick McKee Decade!
Milt Priggee Decade!
Bruce Plante Decade!
Steve Sack Decade!
Bill Schorr Decade!
Kevin Siers Decade!
Ed Wexler Decade!
Chris Weyant Decade!
Dave Whamond Decade!
Monte Wolverton Decade!
Adam Zyglis Decade!

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