Inserting New Rectal Feeding

This is a classic oldie showing dinnertime at Guantanamo. The Gitmo prisoners go on hunger strikes and there was lots of news about how they were force-fed “Ensure” through tubes in their noses. I thought that was fun when superimposed on Norman’s Rockwell’s famous dinnertime painting.

When the new Senate report on CIA torture came out we learned that these guys are also fed rectally, and they drink rectally too, with “rectal hydration.” I thought I had to issue a correction, so here it is …

It is important to be accurate.


Dick Cheney’s Back

Much to the chagrin of nearly every Republican in Washington, Dick Cheney is back in the media’ spotlight, hawking his new book which he promises will have “have heads exploding in D.C.”

Cartoonists have always loved Dick Cheney. From his Dr. Evil-like secret bunker and torture techniques to his propensity for shooting people in the face, he’s the exact foil political cartoonists love to make fun of.

Brian Fairrington reminds us about Darth Cheney…

Green Bay Press-Gazette cartoonist Joe Heller explores what really should be considered torture…

Jeff Parker of Florida Today has fun with some logistial problems Cheney’s book might face…

While the Washington Examiner’s Nate Beeler thinks the book might be the jump start poor Dick’s heart needs…

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Play Army

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