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I Changed My Mind on This One

Here’s a cartoon that I posted, and then decided to take down. Hurricane Irma was big and terrible, and when it did much less damage to Florida than expected, it looked like the story was fading from the news. I thought that was a good time to take a shot at CNN for their silly “stand in the rain and talk breathlessly” coverage that was a big ratings booster for them. We had a transition day when this seemed like it would be a good cartoon, but now we’re getting some terrible scenes of devastation from the US Virgin Islands which deserve breathless coverage, so I thought the cartoon was insensitive and I took it down.

I’ll let the cartoon live here on my blog, just to remind me to do better next time!

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Hurricane Newsman

With all the hurricane news, I brought back this oldie for newspapers this weekend. Most news stories don’t change much – but hurricanes seem to get much bigger as time goes by. It is reassuring to know that global warming is fake news, or I might be worried about how things are going.


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California’s “Drought”

We live with a never-ending drought in California – especially in Santa Barbara where I was just hit by a whopping $906.15 water bill for December from my local Montecito Water District. The bill included a $480.00 penalty, a $144.90 “surcharge” and a $44.59 “meter service charge.” The charge for the actual water used was $236.66. I have no idea why I had a higher reading on the meter last month. I’m guessing that the gardener may have left my low-flow sprinklers running – but that is just a guess.

I might try appealing the bill, but I’m allowed to appeal only the $480.00 penalty portion of the bill and the water district charges a non-refundable fee of over $200.00 to appeal a penalty (they tell me my appeal would be rejected because I can’t explain the high meter reading).

In “drought stricken” California we live with the random threat of crazy water bills bloated by penalties, along with our “gold is the new green” lawns. No amount of rain seems to impact the drought perception. Our local reservoir, Lake Cachuma, remains at alarmingly low levels compared to other lakes because it isn’t much of a lake; it is sustained with deliveries of water from the California state water system, which have been curtailed because of the drought. Other, better planned California reservoirs have been overflowing from the recent storms. As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Donald Trump that the California drought is more a matter of poor planning and poor priorities.

Nothing will turn a liberal cartoonist into a conservative like receiving a $906.15 water bill when the whole state is flooded.

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Hillary and the Email Storm

Hillary is a gift to cartoonists. The fact that she is humorless makes her all the more fun.

International cartoonists make a lot of use of the “@” sign to represent email in their wordless cartoons, something that is not seen so often in American cartoons. (They also go crazy with UPC codes in their cartoons, representing commerce or general, modern commerce.) Wordy American cartoonists could do with fewer words.

Most newspapers print my cartoons in black and white. The black and white version below is just line art, which I think is more elegant, but I find that newspapers prefer to take my color cartoons and grayscale them rather than use the more simple and elegant line art. In this case, that will give them more emails, I suppose.

I drew a similar, symbolic Hillary/email cartoon some months ago, with the “@” symbol as a ball and chain. Some readers didn’t get this one – maybe because the “@” needs a gap at the end of the curl, maybe because the idea of an “@” as email is just too obscure, and “@” rain will go over their heads too. I’ll find out soon enough.


5 Cartoons About Today’s Sweltering Heat

A heat wave blankets the country for the second straight day, as temperatures in the Northeast are expected to reach the upper 90s!

Our columnist Tom Purcell may blame air conditioners for the growth of big government in Washington (allowing politicians to keep working throughout the summer), but I would have melted by now if it wasn’t for the cold air being pumped into my studio.

Here are some funny cartoon about today’s scorcher…

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