Prigee’s Fathers Day Controversy

Our own Milt Priggee drew this powerful anti-war cartoon for Fathers Day …


The cartoon was not well received by Milt’s readers. I’ve posted some excerpts from Priggee‘s mailbox and some of Milt’s replies. Click here to send another comment to Priggee; we’ll post a selection of your responses here. See more of Milt’s cartoons here.


On 6/12/08 7:34 AM, “Mettlen, William O SPC DENTAC-Ft Hood” wrote:

Sir let me say that I am all about freedom of the press and freedom of speech, but the cartoon where you depict a U.S solider in Iraq with a letter that states we love you dad along with the soldiers head half blown off and what looks like part of a leg that is missing to be very careless. You will never know how many soldiers use these cartoons to lift their spirits every day. We love to laugh and they really do bring our spirits up. But this particular cartoon was not received very well by many soldiers. It will bring up bad memories for soldiers who have been in Iraq and other countries. You could have brought your point across by being just a little more subtle. We will continue to read your cartoon but I feel that we should receive some sort of an apology for this particular cartoon.

My name id Spc. William o Mettlen and my cell# (XXX) XXX-XXXX, call anytime.

Dear William,

Thank You for writing and sharing your views about my Father’s Day cartoon.

This cartoon was not drawn to lift any spirits but to show the public how and what military families have to deal with. This cartoon was drawn to make people mad, mad enough to demand some accountability from their elected officials for not supporting our fellow citizens who volunteered to protect our country.

I will apologize for my cartoon as soon as President Bush apologizes for needlessly sacrificing the lives of our soldiers and reunites them with their families.

We’ll have to agree to disagree about subtleness because I don’t believe war is subtle. Again, Thank You for writing and THANK YOU for serving.

The BEST to you and yours,



On 6/10/08 12:44 PM, “Andrew Altman” wrote:

You have had plenty of opportunity to knock the war. This is just indecent.

Andrew Altman

Denver CO

THANK YOU for writing and sharing your views. I’ll share your views with the kids who have lost a parent.




On 6/11/08 10:33 AM, “Vernon Miller” wrote:

That was a terrible cartoon of Bush on Fathers Day. Can’t you get off his back at least on that day. What about the men and women that have died so you can be free to disrespect them on Fathers Day.

Shame on you.

Vernon Miller


From: Joseph Thinn

Subject: Father’s day

You’re sick, Priggie:

I’m going to do my level best to forgive you and pray that you get some professional help. If needs be, I’d be willing to pay for it if you can’t afford it. Let me know. I can afford to pay for about 4 hours of help for you.

Really: get some psychiatric help. You need it.


Joseph Thinn

By Daryl Cagle

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