Apple Approves “Bobble Rep”

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I just thought I’d write to let you know I heard from Bobble Rep creator Ray Griggs just now that Apple reconsidered their rejection of our app and “Bobble Rep” is now approved and available in the App Store.

I’m glad Apple came to their senses and realized that this app is not only not derogatory or insulting to our congressional representatives and senators, it’s a beneficial program and a little fun as well.

It’s thanks to the support and attention of people like you that this happened. Thanks.


Congratulations to Tom and Ray!  And thanks, Apple, for being reasonable about this one!

Ray Griggs, who produced and financed the Bobble Reps project asked me to post this reaction:

I would like thank all of the websites, news stations, Twitter, Facebook, internet bloggers, and email sources that showed their support of the Bobble Head Congressional App. I have received over 500 emails in the past two days and I tried to personally email each and every one of them to show my gratitude for their encouraging words. Many have also recently shown support of a documentary that I am currently working on. (  Up until last night, this iPhone app seemed like it was on life support and hope was fading quickly. It was such relief to receive the phone call from Apple and hear that they had reversed their decision.

Personally, I still wish there were a better system for app. developers in the working stages to call in and speak with a representative. This would be an ideal way to ask: “This is what I’m doing. Do you foresee any problems?” before investing into an app. That doesn’t give you a guarantee, just a little peace of mind. One must remember that some developers get away with a couple of hundred dollars in development costs while others, such as myself, spend thousands. I was very blessed that the decision was reversed; sadly, I know that there may be many developers who have not had that good fortune.

We developers take a risk in trying to make our money back on iTunes site and we shouldn’t have to take that risk just to get approval to sell it. There is only one legal market in which to place one’s iPhone apps. When all is said and done, it is a privilege and not a right to be in this market. We must always keep this in mind. However, we should not be penalized for doing what we believe is right during the development stage. I still can’t help being a Mac fan, my last two projects “Super Capers” and “Lucifer the Movie” was done with Macs and Mac software. Depending on how this App. does,  I will consider and making future Apps. Over the past few days, I have realized that with all of the fans and support base available that there are other markets whose needs a developer can meet while taking less risk in the developmental stages. Android and Palm are such markets.  We are currently looking into these other markets with the intentions of promoting our future projects and films.

I would like to thank each person who contributed to voicing opinions on my behalf or encouraging me in this endeavor.  Thanks again!

Ray Griggs
RG Entertainment, Ltd.

By Daryl Cagle

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