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I’m Emerging From My Hermit Lair to Give a Lecture!

It is rare that I come out of hiding to give a talk, but I will do that on Monday September 23rd at Art Center College in Pasadena. I’ll be speaking at Michael Dooley’s comics history class; I’ll show lots of my work and explain how everything I do works. Here’s the announcement – it is open to the public and free.

I met Michael at our local National Cartoonists Society Los Angeles Chapter where I heard about his impressive class at Art Center; the class is titled, “Design History of Comics and Animation”. Michael brings in lots in interesting guest speakers, who he announces on his Facebook page. I’m going to start going to these, they look great.

I’ll talk about my varied career, as an illustrator in New York, as a toy inventor, as a political cartoonist, and now running a little syndicate. I’ll cover the world scene for editorial cartoons (internationally our art form is much more highly regarded than it is here). And we’ll have lots of time for questions – Michael wants to talk about the future of editorial cartooning and how the business works. OK.

I guessing the crowd will be small, so if you can make it to Pasadena, don’t hesitate to come and ask lots of questions! Its FREE and open to the public! 

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