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After the OSCARS Cartoons!

I seem to be the only cartoonist who is disappointed by a Best Picture Oscar going to a foreign language movie with subtitles. I can’t bear subtitles. Here’s my cartoon and some of my other Oscar favorites. And here’s my archive!

There were lots of complaints about a lack of diversity this year. This one is from Pat Bagley.


Here’s another diversity cartoon, from Dave Fitzsimmons.

John Darkow was thinking about the Iowa Caucuses as he was watching the Oscars.

Dave Granlund was thinking about impeachment.

Here’s an Oscar evergreen from Nate Beeler.

Conservatives love to hate the Oscars. This evergreen is from Rick McKee.

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Celebrity Obsessed Culture

The Oscars are here! Time for Americans to drool and fawn over millionaire celebrities at the Academy Awards dueling it out over a little golden statue.

One cartoonist who has been outspoken about our celebrity obsessed culture is our very own Brian Fairrington. Here are some of Brian’s harshest cartoons aimed at anyone who chooses US magazine over The New York Times.


Academy Award Cartoons

It’s that time of year again, where we celebrate the movies and garnish actors and actresses with awards and accolades for keeping us entertained. Personally, I’m protesting the Oscars this year, not because I don’t enjoy movies or the spectacle of a big awards show. I just think the Presidential race has been much more entertaining.

Don’t agree with me? Check out our Academy Awards cartoon collection, and tell me who’s a better actor – George Clooney or Mitt Romney.

Dave Granlund / (click to view our Academy Awards cartoons)

Schwarzenegger Voting Record

Schwarzenegger Voting Record © Daryl Cagle,,Arnold, Schwarzenegger, California, Governor, election, politics, campaign, vote, voting, academy awards, kids, children