George Zimmerman: Three Different Cartoons

With the announcement that George Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin, we can finally begin to figure out what really happened the night a Florida teenager was shot and killed in a gated sub-community.


Unfortunately for some, the case has become a media firestorm, where advocates on both sides seem to be determined to present their views of the case (although many credit the media outcry for bringing enough attention on the case to lead to an arrest in the first place.)

John Cole, the cartoonist for the Scranton Times-Tribune, does a nice job of rounding up all the usual suspects and hanger-ons, from both the left and the right, that have tried to use this case for their own political advantage…

Conservatives have bemoaned an NBC tape that was revealed to be heavily edited in order to portray Zimmerman in a harsher racial light. NBC has since apologized and fired those responsible, but to cartoonist Eric Allie, the bias is still present and the damage is already done…

Liberals, on the other hand, have pointed at Rush Limbaugh and Fox News as trying to portray Zimmerman as the victim of civil right advocates run amok. Interestingly, Fox News was silent about the Trayvon Martin case in the beginning, but once President OBama spoke about the shooting, they seemed to put things into high gear. Media Matters cartoonist Rob Tornoe presents what he sees as their perspective of the case…


Imus Comes back

Imus Comes Back COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Don Imus,Al Sharpton,Imus,Sharpton,Nappy Headed Hos,Nappy,headed,hos,hos,Rutgers,basketball,radio,MSNBC,CBS,radio,shock jock


Imus Hara kiri

Imus Hara-kiri COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Don Imus, Al Sharpton, Imus, Sharpton, Nappy Headed Hos, Nappy, headed, hos, hos, Rutgers, basketball, radio, MSNBC, CBS, radio, shock jock, japan, japanese


Cartoonists Draw Blood

Like most people, cartoonists love to watch stars fall. This was the week to watch Don Imus fall, in a media frenzy that was tailor made for cartoonists. Imus looks like a cartoon character already; his ugly comment, calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy headed ho’s,” put Imus at the center of a media feeding frenzy, with characters on all sides who wanted to see him bleed.

Many cartoonists pointed out the hypocrisy of crucifying Imus for a comment that was no worse than what we hear in rap music, and no worse than other nasty comments by other, ugly media personalities. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson demanded that Imus be fired and used the media frenzy to put their faces in front of television cameras at every opportunity.

In the end, Imus was fired by both MSNBC and CBS, and he no longer has a place on radio or television. I don’t think this week’s Imus rumble will do much to make the media less coarse, and I won’t miss Imus, but I enjoyed the spectacle and it was great fun to draw the guy getting bashed and skewered by his own words.

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Imus and Sharpton

Imus and Sharpton © Daryl Cagle,,Don Imus, Al Sharpton, Imus, Sharpton, Nappy Headed Hos, Nappy, headed, hos, hos, Rutgers, basketball, radio, MSNBC, CBS, radio, shock jock