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Jeff Bezos and David Pecker

Here’s my new cartoon on the world’s richest man, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and the National Enquirer’s (AMI) CEO David Pecker, who was blackmailing Bezos. Pecker’s AMI was extorting Bezos, demanding that the Washington Post (which Bezos owns) hold back publication on their investigation of AMI, and that Bezos stop a private investigator he hired to look into AMI – otherwise they would publish photos of Bezos’ penis. Bezos was brave to expose Pecker’s extortion.

It is interesting that Pecker and AMI seems to have such success with blackmail that his attorneys didn’t step back to think of what would happen if the person they were blackmailing simply made their emails public.

AMI is looking pretty sleazy these days, with likely links to Saudi Arabia, and a reported safe full of Donald Trump secrets, among other tawdry stuff. So, I took advantage of Pecker’s dickish name and pulled Pecker’s pants down. Some cartoons are fun to draw – even if editors won’t publish them much.