Syria and Twerking!

Here are my new cartoons for the week!  Even as Americans rage against their government and everyday injustices here at home, I think we have it pretty good.  There are few places in the world where I could annoy politicians, in the way I do, with the impunity I enjoy with my rights as an American (yes, England, Australia, Canada, France, some other places) but, by and large, even though I have nothing good to say in my cartoons, I’m in a good place in the USA, and I appreciate that.

136572 600 Syria and Twerking! cartoons

All the news is the run up to war with Syria – except that we had a charming interruption with Miley Cyrus and her twerking.  I may draw another Miley cartoon – she is a gift to cartoonists.

136635 600 Syria and Twerking! cartoons

The next one is a little trite, but accurate, I think.  There are no good guys in Syria, and I’m not sure it is a bad thing if Assad wins his civil war over the other devils.  Presidents always feel the need to meddle in these things.  It is a presidential disease.

136616 600 Syria and Twerking! cartoons

Here’s my most recent one, with Obama ready to take a blood bath.  There have been so many cartoon about Syria and blood, I had to join in.

136801 600 Syria and Twerking! cartoons


Obama Draws a Red Line on Syria

Obama Draws a Red Line on Syria © Daryl Cagle,,Syria,red line,Barack Obama,Bashar al-Assad,Assad,crayon


Radical Islam Like WWII

Radical Islam Like WWII COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Donald Rumsfeld,secretary of defense,president Bush,Ahmidinejad,zarqawi,osama bin ladin,masrallah,sadr,iraq,islam,radical,al qaeda,assad, Hitler, paint, war, World World II, WWII