Visit my 9/11 Exhibition with Plantu in Paris

A spooky snapshot from my exhibition with Plantu now at the Théâtre de La Ville in Paris.

I have an exhibit in Paris with Le Monde’s front page cartoonist, Plantu, at the Théâtre de La Ville from September 10th through 30th.

The show features our graphic novel style “conversation” about the ten years since 9/11 that we did as a book project for Casterman, the Tin Tin publishers in Belgium.

Plantu’s poster for the exhibit is below, and below that is a clip from last weekend’s Le Monde, promoting the show.

Editorial cartoons are taken more seriously, and are seen as more important in France than they are here.  I remember that, soon after 9/11, Time Magazine stopped running editorial cartoons because they thought “jokes” were inappropriate in such serious times. In fact, cartoonists do their best work when times are troubled and passions run high.

Plantu’s poster for the show.
Le Monde on our exhibit.