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Scalia’s Empty Chair

I don’t like Antonin Scalia and I was originally going to draw Lady Liberty and Lady Justice dancing on his grave – but that was nasty and I went a softer route with the empty chair. I understand that in the upcoming Supreme Court cases his chair will be draped in black. The idea that Scalia was a doctrinaire “originalist” who was dedicated to the constitution over his own conservative views flies in the face of his Bush vs. Gore decision. Scalia was a hypocrite.

This is a revision of a cartoon I did some years ago, about the Supreme Court being partisan. I think it is better with the empty chair.

Here’s the video of my day drawing this cartoon and the one after this one! Sit back and take a look.



Cartoon Bombs … Really

Nothing makes Islamic radicals more angry than cartoons, so, why not drop cartoon bombs on the enemy? Looks like the Pentagon already thought of that.

According to the Daily Mail in Britain, the U.S. Air Force recently utilized an F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet to drop a specially designed “leaflet-dispenser-bomb” for the first time in Syria, dispersing 60,000 copies of the cartoon below on the town of Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, IS or “Daesh”.

The sign in the cartoon reads, “Daesh Recruiting Office,” the word on the meat grinder is “Daesh”. The wording on the monitor at the right of the cartoon reads, “now serving 7001” and the ticket dropped by the first person in line has the number “7001.”

This cartoonist could have a promising career as a conservative – just put donkey heads on these two Daish guys, change the wording on the meat grinder to “Obamacare” and I could see this cartoon being reprinted in Tennessee.



Obama Healthcare Lemmings

Obama Healthcare Lemmings © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama, health, health care, medicine, medical, lemmings, donkeys, Democrats, cliff, reconciliation, congress


Arlen Specter and Democrats

Arlen Specter and Democrats © Daryl Cagle,,Senator Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania, donkeys, jack ass, Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, Supreme Court, Judiciary Committee, hearings, democrats, republicans