My Health Care Cartoons

With all the emphasis today on “Obamacare” and the Supreme Court, I thought I’d share a handful of my cartoons and recap how we got to this point.

Obama’s health care reform started off with a much-maligned “public option” that was heavily opposed by Republicans and businesses…

Obama tried his best to get Republicans to work with him, but their response was predictable…

Eventually, through legislative wrangling, Obama was able to pass his compromised health care law…

Unfortunately, Democrats have lost the PR battle, and now face losing important parts of their signature achievement…

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Revisiting ObamaCare

Today, the Supreme Court begins three days of oral arguments to decide, once and for all, if President Obama’s health care reform law is constitutional.

Since its passage in 2010 on strict party lines, all Republicans have talked about is repealing ObamaCare. Every GOP Presidential candidate has made it a central plank of their campaign (they’re a little more vague about what they’d replace it with).

Obviously, cartoonists have been weighing in on health care reform for years. Here are some relevant cartoons I plucked from our archives…

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