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The Ferguson Wave!

Here’s my new cartoon, the “Ferguson Wave.”

Apparently, this cartoon is a bit difficult to understand; I’ve been asked to explain it too often.  So, here goes, as the cop walks by, the black folks raise their hands, and to the old ladies, that looks like they are doing “the Wave” at the ball park.  That’s all there is.  Nothing more.  Really.  Not so funny when I have to explain it, huh?

Here’s the rough sketch.  I figure most of the drawing out in the rough sketch stage, then the rest is just rendering.


Most newspapers reprint my cartoons in black and white, and I usually do a separate coloring job for a grayscale cartoon for most readers to see.  Here’s the black and white version.  Somehow, I think black and white is always better.




Gotta Love Those Policemen

Here’s my new cartoon, about the militarized police, reaching out to the community in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson, police, race,riot,murder,killer cops,chocolate,flowers,military

The situation struck me as similar to the military trying to “win the hearts and minds” of people in Afghanistan. A couple of years ago, I drew the cartoon below …

afghanistan,soldier,hearts and minds,chocolate

Militaries break things well, they don’t build things well – including good relationships with the communities they occupy.  I don’t like seeing police departments act like the military.