Schwarzenegger Love Child Flag

Schwarzenegger Love Child Flag Color © Daryl Cagle,,Arnold Schwarzenegger, maid, Maria Shriver, bear, California, flag, governor, affair, sex, cigar


Schwarzenegger’s Love Child

I was interested to read that my former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child more than 10 years ago outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver. It is fascinating that someone who attracts as much media attention as Schwarzenegger was able to hide something like this.  Here is my new Arnold Love Child cartoon …

Looking back at our cartoon archives, we have a lot of terrific cartoons about Arnold. In fact, Cam Cardow of the Ottawa Citizen drew a cartoon back in 2003 showcasing Arnold’s “love child.”

The Los Angeles Times supported Gray Davis and came out with the story of Arnold groping women just before election day. Here was my take then:

And this was a cartoon I drew about the groping story at the time …

Arizona cartoonist Brian Fairrington touched on the groping issue in this cartoon about Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial victory:

He also drew a funny cartoon about Arnold’s famous gap:

Regardless of the rumors, our former first lady, Maria Shriver defended Arnold during the campaign against allegations of groping and sexual abuse. Here’s Austrian cartoonist Petar Pismestrovic’s take on Austria’s favorite child …

Pismestrovic draws a terrific Arnold for Arnold-crazy Austrians. Here are a couple more of his caricatures:

I think Ottawa Citzen cartoonist Cam Cardow sums it all up with Arnold’s bumper sticker: