Cardow’s Rejected Olympics Cartoon “Too Cynical”

Brilliant Canadian cartoonist Cam Cardow, the staff cartoonist for the Ottawa Citizen, had the cartoon below rejected for being too cynical and unfair. “I think it’s fair comment,” Cam wrote on his Facebook page, “but I’ll accept the cynical tag.”

Cam expanded his thoughts behind the rejected cartoon:

It’s not that I think Canadian athletes are mediocre, (because they are not) it’s just got to do with them up against some really tough competition this year,” Cam wrote. “As a result, some of Canadian coverage I’ve seen has been the proverbial making lemonade when given lemons. There hasn’t been a lot to celebrate from a Canadian perspective so far. In contrast, we have the U.S. coverage which can’t keep up to their medals and victories. It’s not a criticism, just pointing out the reality of it.

Here is the cartoon Cam drew in place of the rejected one:


Easter According to Cam Cardow

Many cartoonists handle holidays very differently. Some prefer to use the opportunity to create funny gags, while others try to tie in the unique imagery to an event or issue that’s currently in the news.

Cam Cardow, the brilliant cartoonist for the Ottawa Citizen, has always treated Easter with a respect not often seen among the bunnies and chocolate candies. Many are more like illustrations than traditional cartoons.

I asked Cam to share his thoughts about his Easter cartoons, and here’s what he e-mailed me:

I don’t have an issue when a cartoonist expresses personal faith or a belief system in a cartoon. In fact, we do it all the time by aligning with certain social issues and political parties. I just happen to be a believer in the personage of Jesus Christ, his historical role, ancient origins, his death and ultimately, his resurrection. Regardless of my walk in this life, I know who he is and I will always acknowledge that in person and in my art. My belief of who he was and is a key component to who I am. Therefore, I publicly acknowledge it.

Here are some of his best Easter cartoons…