More Troops for Iraq

I voted for Obama because he promised to get the US out of Iraq – now he’s creeping us back in. With the Republicans controlling Congress, I’m guessing that the mission creep will continue. What is so bizarre is that everyone seems to recognize that Iraq (and the rest of the Middle East for that matter) is an endless quagmire – but still public opinion is solidly behind jumping back in to bash “ISIS-ISIL-IS-Islamic State-Daesh”.

It is fascinating to me that the vast majority of editorial cartoonists draw cartoon after cartoon about how bad the “ISIS-ISIL-IS-Islamic State-Daesh” guys are, and seem to be on the mission creep bandwagon, headed back to Iraq. Here’s today’s cartoon about the 1,500 additional troops Obama is sending to Iraq now.

Here’s a tiny detail, so we don’t lose track of the troops.


We’re bombing “ISIS-ISIL-IS-Islamic State-Daesh” in Syria also – but not bombing Bashar Assad. It wasn’t long ago that Obama was eager to bomb the Assad regime, after they used chemical weapons and crossed his “red line”. At the time, I drew this one …

and this one …

maybe these two cartoons were right for a few minutes – Obama seemed to back off and lose interest in bombing Assad. That red line nonsense seemed less important.

But now it has gone full circle – and the press, reflecting public opinion seems to be pushing Obama. I can’t really tell if Obama is reluctant or not. I suppose it doesn’t matter whether he’s being pushed or leading the charge when the direction is clear.




Yelling Into an Empty Head!

Every so often I have to draw a cartoon with Uncle Sam yelling into the empty head of a politician who just doesn’t get what the public clearly wants.  Here’s my most recent cartoon, in advance of President Obama’s speech to drum up support for a strike against Syria, that the public strongly opposes.

137120 600 Yelling Into an Empty Head! cartoons

Obama doesn’t seem to hear the public on the NSA. I thought about drawing Obama with little ears going forward in all of my cartoons, but I decided that would just be spitting into the cartoonists wind.
133187 600 Yelling Into an Empty Head! cartoons

Mitt Romney was also deaf to public opinion …
104908 600 Yelling Into an Empty Head! cartoons

As was George W. Bush …
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