Sketch Freedom in Sweden

My buddy Kianoush Ramezani is putting on a big editorial cartoon exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden with many of the top editorial cartoonists from around the world. The show is being hosted with the Gothenburg Film Festival with the support of Le Memorial de Caen, the big D-Day Museum in Normandy, France that is a big supporter of editorial cartoonists and hosts a cartoon festival each year (I attended in 2012 and I was impressed).

Kianoush is an interesting guy. He is a political refugee who had to flee the regime in his native Iran which wanted to punish him for his cartoons; he was given asylum in France and lives in Paris. Kianoush’s exhibition, Sketch Freedom, is about freedom of expression. I know most of the cartoonists in the exhibition through Cartooning for Peace, and some are cartoonists.

See if you can spot these cartoonists’ mugs in the collage below: Angel Boligan, Damian Glez, Daryl Cagle (me), Kap (who also did the poster), Kianoush, Peter Broelman, Riber Hansson and Tjeerd Royaards. The second big head under mine in the collage is Liza Donnelly, a New Yorker Magazine cartoonist; I expect the size of our big heads will shrink as new cartoonists are added to the exhibition – although Kianoush would be the first to say that it would take more than that to deflate my big head.



Here’s the full list of artists in the show and poster:

  • Adjim Danngar – Chad 
  • Angel Boligan – Mexico 
  • Ann Telnaes – USA 
  • Assad Binakhahi – Iran
  • Ayako Saito – Japan 
  • Bernard Bouton – France
  • Cristina Sampaio – Portugal 
  • Damien Glez – Burkina Faso 
  • Daryl Cagle – USA
  • Elena Ospina – Colombia 
  • Eray Ozbek – Turkey 
  • Guy Badeaux – Canada 
  • Hassan Karimzadeh – Iran 
  • Jaume Capdevila – KAP – Spain 
  • Jim Morin – USA 
  • Kianoush Ramezani – Iran 
  • Liza Donnelly – USA
  • Mohammad Sabaaneh – Palestine
  • Peter Broelman – Australia 
  • Phil Umbdenstock – France 
  • Riber Hansson – Sweden 
  • Tjeerd Royaards – Netherlands 
  • Victor Bogorad – Russia 
  • Vladimir Kazanevsky – Ukraine 
  • Xavier Bonilla – BONIL – Ecuador
  • Zulkiflee Anwar Haque – Zunar – Malaysia