Presidential Debate Open Thread

Since we have so many devoted readers with as many opinions about politics as our cartoonists, I thought it would be cool to do an open thread tonight and let you all have at it LIVE during tonight’s Presidential debate.

To start the discussion, here’s my pre-debate cartoon (don’t miss all our great Debate Cartoons):

Mitt Romney Barack Obama debate boxing Daryl Cagle cartoon

Who do you think will win? Are you rooting for anyone? What do you hope they discuss? Comment away below!

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

92 replies on “Presidential Debate Open Thread”

and I know who the best man is! and brighter too. OBAMA, just look at the coherence of his speech and the brightness of his eyes.
I also like the fact he didn't have 13 grandmothers as Romney did.

I feel a bit differently. May Romney show the world the elitist he truly is, that is doesn't care about anyone but his "peers," and seal the deal for the president. That said, I can hardly wait to see Romney dance around his budget plans, which don't add up, and provide specifics for what he has in store for the country. I truly don't think he wants to really be the president for the people, but for his own ego.

Amen, sister, preach on. If the Republicans would give women personhood rights then we could talk. As it is, I fear the loss of rights that women have worked and demonstrated for many years.
I CHOOSE the amount of children to have NOT the state! We aren't Nazi Germany are we?

Your ignorance is showing through with your lack of English skills. How you speak is an indication of your intelligence or lack thereof.

I'm not sure what to expect. From past debates the nominee who doesn't seem to have a chance is handed the keys by the front runner. Nixon gave it to Kennedy. Gore gave it to Bush. Bush gave it to Clinton and Carter gave it to Reagan. The latter probably wouldn't have mattered.

Obama is cautious before he speaks. That might be all he has to do but if Romney comes roaring out and Obama isn't ready for him then it could shake things up.

If I were to bet then my money would be on Obama. We should know in a couple of hours.

Hmmm, by energy independent, he means the Keystone Pipeline, which is already decimating the environment!
Free trade? More imports? That means more jobs outsourced!
Romney has no new ideas. He sounds just like G.W. Bush already.

We need renewable energy investment, and infrastructure repair. Those jobs would be immediate! And the president is right, we MUST focus on education.

The president is already on top with his knowledge and experience.

Romney is walking back already. For months, he's talked about a 20% tax cut; now he says there IS no tax cut in his plan! Flip flopping…standard Romney.

Now he says he will bring taxes down. smh

He scored points for his knowledge of the various departments in government. He is sounding more knowledgeable than ever before…….Score 1 for Romney.

Romney still has not explained his tax cut. I have prepared taxes for 40 years…. Why lower the tax rate if you take away the deductions to get the same tax? Except in taking away the mortgage interest deduction the middle class will pay more tax.

You're right, and that's exactly what the president has been saying. But Romney keeps on with the same old Bush BS.

Bowles-Simpson is a bad plan, and Romney is behind it. Guess Romney missed the studies that prove tax cuts do NOT create jobs.

Definition of small business – Donald Trump is one, top 3%? and an electronics firm with four employees that Romney gave an example of, woud not be in top 3% would it?

According to Romney, it would. Guess the guy is a millionaire, and is only netting half a mil, according to Romney. But I think you're right. A 4 employee business wouldn't be in the top 3%.

LOL, Romney is making his own rules for the debate? He keeps denying his 5 trillion tax cut plan, but then he outlines the very plan the president says he has.

You're right.

Now, Romney is scoring big with his knowledge of taxes, BUT to say that raising taxes costs jobs is NOT true! Many new studies have proven that!

Same old Bush, Reagan policies…… cuts for the wealthy.

We are paying through the nose for medical care, in part because of people who are not eligible for medicare, medicaid, and don't have insurance – but are still getting treated; now they will be able to get treatment, will ahve to pay for it themselves

Romney has made things work like the Winter Olympics, what has Obama been successful at?
I have noticed Obama is lying about a few things.

The only thing that saved the Olympics was the millions given by the Federal government. Romney begged for those dollars. He did NOT save it himself.

Voucher program of Romney (Ryan) give voucher to seniors, they buy their own health insurance, Obama doesn't like

Why should vouchers go to insurance companies where they have the control and always increase premiums when the CEOs of the insurance companies make an average of $36,000 per DAY

The voucher amount wont go up, insurance rates can (depending on the risk) also they can be dropped, refused by insurance companies

medicare has the lowest overhead of any plan & private companies are legally required to make a profit
willard's plan is bs

There are NO death panels, and never will be! That has been repeatedly debunked. I've read all 2000 pages of the original bill, and there are no death panels. So sick of that lie.

I already faced my death panel. We called them Viet Cong. I've been on borrowed time for decades.
Mitt is a POS lier.

Romney is distorting when the costs of Obamacare kick into affect. Small business under 50 employees are not affected in the manner Romney exerts. So when he says small business is not going to hire because of Obamacare does not make sense whatsoever.

Obamacare = no lifetime limits. & kids up to age 26 can stay on your plan
OBAMA THANKS willard for O bamacare in Mass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama CAre, its a start! Medicare for every citizen I say. I was in England and an English lady said, I don't understand why Americans think everyone is NOT entitled to health care. I replied, l don't understand it either!

The insurance industry bought congress and brainwashed the public. Everyone knows how lobbyists work.

Obama did the best he could under the circumstances, but it is far from the ideal. I think he would have loved to push through single payer, but the American public prefers the devil it knows.

Dean… it would be nice if you stopped trolling. I am going to ignore your comments .. they really do not add anything to the discussion.

Does everyone know that the Republican Congress has insisted on voting Against 'Obama Care 33 times?'
They are not a do nothing congress they just choose to waste their time and ours!

Obama renounces willards "secret plans" that willard will not disclose

then willard says "make up a number" !!!!!!!!!

Oh my….. now he says he cares for all of God's children….. the ones that cannot take care of themselves..

Lie …. 50% of college graduates cannot get work. Romney has lost it…. oh my….

I cannot listen to Romney anymore…. We do not have the best healthcare system in the world. I just came back from Holland where my friend is undergoing chemotherapy and they have a fantastic health care system and it is not based on only "if you can afford it".

bottom line: willard gave no $ specifics – which was his primary goal
and repeatedly lied such as "restoring the $716B cut" that is also CUT in his plan

Romney just proved that he has no core principles or beliefs. He has at least figured out that his political rhetoric is not selling with the American people and so he decided to use Obama's policies as his policies hoping that he can cover his tracks. What a phony!

Your cartoon shows Romney not landing any punches???? Even the most liberal networks had Obama getting his clock cleaned. This was immediately after the debate was over and it will be interesting to see how they start the spin in the coming week.

Romney may have 'won' in terms of speaking more, but he was incredibly rude. Obama won in terms of talking straight with the facts about the important issues, staying composed and looking presidental,not to mention being polite.

Bill Mahre twittered about what how bad Obama was tonight. Said he was no good without his teleprompter. Mahre got had. Had by a guy who calls himself eye candy and thinks he can sing like Al Green. lmao

that was no debate! That was a Takeover. Shock and Awe by the schoolyard Bully. Do we want this guy facing world leaders? He would "lead" us from one debacle to another. After all, wars enhance portfolios!

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