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Presidential Debate Garbage

I’ve been hearing a lot about how Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate, but it seemed to me that there was plenty of garbage and spin from each candidate, so I drew this …

I could call it “trash talking.” I live tweeted during the debate and got a lot of response on Twitter (@dcagle). I should do that more often. Maybe next time.

I notice that the stage at the debate was the same stage they used for presidential debates years ago. I suppose it packs up nicely and keeps well in storage. I don’t see much reason for that strange eagle logo, but I wanted to put them on the right stage so that the only change was their garbage can lecterns. I don’t usually do cartoons with dark backgrounds. Maybe I’m in a rut.

We didn’t see much of them on the stage. Almost all of the debate took place on a split screen, which adjusted for Donald Trump’s height advantage. I understand that the taller candidate almost always wins the election. Also, the zoomed closer on Hillary to make her head bigger and they turned down the color saturation on Trump, to make him look less orange. I love stagecraft.

Everyone is talking about the bait Hillary used to lure Trump into traps, and how Trump jumped to take the bait each time. I suppose that is interesting, but it struck me that this debate didn’t change many minds – fans of each candidate likely thought their own candidate won and I didn’t see anything new – just the same old garbage.

Want to see me drawing this cartoon in real time? Check it out below …

And watch me color the cartoon in the next video …


Presidential Debate Number Three Open Thread

This long election season is finally winding down, and tonight is the final Presidential debate between opponents Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Since our readers have enjoyed the previous open threads we’ve done for earlier debates, here’s an open thread for tonight’s event for everyone to “debate the debate” LIVE.

To start the discussion, here’s my new cartoon about the state of the race. It seems like Obama and Romney are all locked up. Will tonight’s debate change things?

120855 600 Presidential Debate Number Three Open Thread cartoons

Who do you think will win? Are you rooting for anyone? What do you hope they discuss? Will Biden say something crazy? Comment away below!


Cartoonists Weigh In On The First Presidential Debate

Viewers turning in to see a firey, zinger-filled debate were treated to an event columnist Peter Funt said “was such bad television that many Americans, including the prized “undecided voters,” probably gave up and changed the channel.”

One of the most talked-about nuggets to come out of the debate was Romney’s renewed call to cut funding to PBS, despite the fact it only accounts for 0.012 percent of the budget (check out all our Defunding PBS cartoons). Here’s the cartoon I drew at the time Republicans proposed defunding PBS as a way to help balance the budget:

Rob Tornoe’s cartoon from last night also weighs in on the desire to give the budgetary axe to Sesame Street. Poor Big Bird:

Our conservative bomb-thrower Gary McCoy predicted how the so-called “mainstream media” would try to spin last night’s debate results:

While Mobile Press-Register cartoonist JD Crowe dug past the soundbytes to try and find the truth fact checkers seemed so desperate to uncover:

Speaking of fact checkers, Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant figures with all the misstatments during last night’s debate, they’re about ready for the funny farm:

Meanwhile, Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News reminds us what follows every presidential debate:


Presidential Debate Open Thread

Since we have so many devoted readers with as many opinions about politics as our cartoonists, I thought it would be cool to do an open thread tonight and let you all have at it LIVE during tonight’s Presidential debate.

To start the discussion, here’s my pre-debate cartoon (don’t miss all our great Debate Cartoons):

Mitt Romney Barack Obama debate boxing Daryl Cagle cartoon

Who do you think will win? Are you rooting for anyone? What do you hope they discuss? Comment away below!