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I’m Editorial Cartoonist, Daryl Cagle.

Thank you for vising and I truly hope you enjoy all the cartoons on my site. I’ve been an editorial cartoonist for a very long time. Along with being a cartoonist, I’m also the Editor-in-chief of The Cagle Post (, the Internets premier website for editorial cartoonists all over the world. Alongside that role I have a small editorial content syndication company, Cagle Cartoons, Inc. that distributes cartoons for over 200 of the worlds top cartoonists to publishers all over the globe. It’s been a fun very small business over the years.

Why am I asking for your contributions?

While running the editorial cartoon syndication helps me to keep other cartoonists employed, it hasn’t afforded me all the opportunity to do what I love to do most, which is draw cartoons. It is however a labor of love and helps to support my staff, the careers of our syndicated cartoonists and promote the industry overall. It’s also not the most profitable venture one could pursue.

About a year ago I wanted to start focusing my personal efforts on cartooning more regularly. I’ve found that the best way to do this is to draw my cartoons live, online, whilst everyone watches the sausage get made. It’s been an amazing experience to connect with my fans and the audience I draw for, even those that know little about politics or cartooning. I’d like to keep doing it, drawing more regularly and contributing to the online conversation as I always have.

At the end of the day, I still need to make a living doing it. So I’m simply asking you to help fund my cartooning. No strings, no sob story, just what I hope is good art funded by people like you. In return I’ll draw multiple times a week and continue to stream my drawing sessions. Hopefully, I can use this platform to encourage others in our industry to try this approach as cartoonists are trying to adapt to the ever changing and quickly diminishing employment landscape. With the help of regular contributors like you, I think this can continue to be a great success.

Why should you help fund a cartoonist?

Editorial Cartooning is one of America’s greatest artistic expressions. It’s fundamental to our political dialogue and as an art form, is crucial to our humanity. It is one of the most influential forms of art in American History, it’s inspiring, helps create dialogue and promote public discussion about current events on a vast array of public issues. It helps everyone express their values, fosters bridges between cultures and can unite us regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or race. Editorial cartoonists are also the champions for freedom of expression around the world and are on the front lines of the ideological war on terror. If you don’t believe that, just remember the Charlie Hebdo Attacks and look at how I, as a cartoonist and publisher didn’t shy away from that ideological fight for freedom of expression, nor will I ever.

Even after my fellow cartoonists were killed and our sites were subjected to constant hacking attacks I did everything I could to keep our cartoons online and our cartoonists drawing. Why? Because it’s important for everyone and that’s why I believe it’s important enough to ask you, the public, to help fund it directly.

What will the funds be used for?

As an editorial cartoonist without being employed directly by a newspaper or online publication, my personal income is dependent on licensing cartoons. So like any artist, I’ve been looking for ways to remain gainfully employed without the influence of an editor looking over my shoulder. The funds you provide me help support my life, personal expenses and artistic projects. This is what I do for a living and I hope that with your support I can continue to do it.

What can you expect from Daryl?

I usually draw two or three cartoons a week and live stream my drawing sessions on Twitch and post the videos on YouTube. If this becomes more popular, I’ll start producing a regular Podcast on iTunes as well. As always, I’ll continue to draw my style of cartoons, and make my contribution to the public discussion and encourage it in others as well. All while never running third-party advertising on my websites. No Ads! Just cartoons, funded by the people who enjoy them.

How can you contribute?

Below are two ways to donate money via PayPal securely. One time donations at an amount you specify or a monthly fixed contribution can be made.

How much should you contribute?

As little or as much as you feel is appropriate. No amount is too little and every donation makes a big difference. For those of you who wish to make a more significant contribution to my art, I recommend a monthly subscription that fits within your budget.

How else can you help?

Please share this page with your friends, family and coworkers. This is just as important as contributing financially! In fact, even if you decide not to contribute to the fund, helping me spread the word is something I would be extremely grateful for.

Thank you for your support!

Daryl Cagle
[email protected]

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