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Bolton Book!

Former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has a new book full of salacious details about Donald Trump. According to a report based on an unredacted version of the book, Trump demanded of China’s president Xi, “Make sure I’m elected,” and he told Xu that he approved of China building “concentration camps” for their Muslim minority. Nasty stuff. The cartoonists are all over it. Come look!



Pat Bagley


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I vote for NO WITNESSES!

On Friday the Senate is expected to vote on whether to call witnesses for the impeachment trial. As of now, it is possible that four Republicans can be found to vote for witnesses, in particular, John Bolton –but it is likely there will not be four Republicans who vote for witnesses. Here’s my cartoon …

I was reminded that people like to see my rough sketches, so here you go.

You can see I fiddled with making the elephant’s butt bigger and moving his head forward, and whether or not to put the tie in front of his shoe. This is an odd angle to draw, but it is the best angle for effective mooning –I’ve done it before. Here’s one that I drew over 20 years ago, during the Florida recount in the Bush vs. Gore election.

My biggest regret from my career as an editorial cartoonist is that I supported the run-up to the war in Iraq, and I believed The New York Times‘ bogus stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (I won’t make the mistake of trusting The New York Times again.) Here’s one of my run-up to war in Iraq cartoons, about Saddam obstructing the weapons inspectors in Iraq –we later learned that what Saddam was hiding was his fragile ego, since he had no such weapons.

I think it is a general rule for editorial cartoonists that whenever there is a good excuse to draw a butt, a dog or a Statue of Liberty, you gotta grab it and run.

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Brainxit! By Rousso!

Please take a minute to check out a crowd-funding campaign for a book by my buddy, the French cartooning legend, Robert Rousso.

Robert is an editorial cartoonist and a longtime contributor to our site and our syndication package; he’s the beloved “dean” of the French political cartoonists. (Although some may call him the “titan,” I prefer the “dean.”

Every cartoon fan should make a contribution to get Robert’s book, and to make sure the book is published! At this time, Robert has reached half of his modest fundraising goal.

Robert has a unique quirk where he draws with little curly-cues depicting details that typical cartoonists would not see as curly-cues, like ears and nostrils. Sometimes I think that Robert doesn’t like for his pen to leave the paper. I’ve studied some of Robert’s drawings where I think he actually never lifted his pen. Here’s is Robert’s archive on

Robert is 82 years old and although he’s been drawing editorial cartoons for many decades, this is his first book! The excellent, French satirical magazine “Zelium” is managing this campaign for Robert, who wrote this note:

It is no wonder that a 82 old timer like me has not yet released an album when we see the job that it represents!

Fortunately Cesare, of the excellent review Zélium, takes care of everything with efficiency and patience.

The most extraordinary thing is that Cesare manages to support me (whereas I do not know how to do it). But there is also something else, and I’ m not talking about the book, and that’ s the outpouring of sympathy and your encouragements, dear colleagues and dear former strangers (as they are no longer) I want to tell you that only for that, it was worth it –even if it had to stop now. Although, if it continues I will not see any problem!

See you very soon,  
Robert Rousso

Every cartoonist and cartoon fan should get Robert’s book. Hurry, help him and Zelium make the project happen!

Here are some recent favorites from Robert’s archive

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Omarosa the DOG!

Here’s my carton from yesterday, about Omarosa the dog. I wouldn’t want Omarosa biting my ass.


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TRUE Crazy Stuff 4!

Here’s a new batch of my old TRUE cartoons. This first one is a self-portrait of younger me, sitting on the toilet, talking on my land-line rotary phone. Looking at the old True cartoons makes me feel young again, until I notice details that make me feel old.






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TRUE Crazy Stuff 3!

Most of this new batch of my old TRUE panels came from my collection about entertainment and celebrities. I ended up killing most of these cartoons because they were so stale. I forget how different things were back in 1995. This edited batch of cartoons makes 1995 seem not so different from today – even though one cartoons shows a guy reading a book on the toilet; we may not read books anymore, but toilets haven’t changed much.

Star Trek is still familiar 23 years later. Mattel’s Barbie is still popular, but other toys in my TRUE cartoons are forgotten – for example Barney the Dinosaur was big in 1995. I forgot all about Barney. The first cartoon below is about Lassie, who we remembered as a doggie celebrity back in 1995. Do people remember Lassie now?

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TRUE Kids!

Here’s another batch of TRUE cartoons about KIDS!


Rick McKee’s BIG New Book

My brilliant, conservative, cartoonist buddy, Rick McKee has just announced a big new book of his work, shipping in late November with pre-orders being accepted now! (See some samples of Rick’s cartoons below, and visit his archive on

cover mock up FB2It’s a 224-page hardcover, color, coffee-table collection of some of his best work since he began drawing for The Augusta Chronicle in 1998. The book kicks off in the Bill Clinton years and takes off from there, through the Bush and Obama presidencies with lots of social issues, sports and some local topics thrown in as well.

McKee is known for his hard-hitting conservative cartoons, but there is something for everyone in this book, with a foreword by Pat Sajak, host of the popular, long-running TV game show, “Wheel of Fortune,” and lover of political cartoons. There’s also a step-by-step, behind-the-scenes look at how McKee creates his cartoons. The link to pre-order the book at a discount is


Rick says, “President Obama has presided over the era of Islamic terrorism. He just can’t bring himself to say the words.”


Rick says, “President Bush was fun to draw, but his presidency was a dark time with 9/11 and the Iraq War. I think a lot of satirists struggled to find the humor in the daily news.”


Rick says, “I was fortunate to begin my cartooning career as President Clinton’s troubles exploded. His numerous ‘bimbo eruptions’ were like cartooning manna from heaven.”



Looking Back on 9/11

A disturbing old brochure, promoting the World Trade Center.

Ten years ago I was president of the National Cartoonists Society and I brought our annual convention to the World Trade Center, shortly before its demise. I was looking through some of my old files this morning and I found a disturbing brochure (right) promoting the World Trade Center. Oh dear.

With the ten year anniversary of 9/11 coming soon, I collaborated on a French book project with Le Monde’s front page cartoonist, Plantu. We had a 32 page “conversation” about the ten years since 9/11 in comic book format for an anthology called 12 Septembre published by the big Belgian graphic novel publisher, Casterman (they do the Tin Tin books). The cover (left) of the book was interesting, disturbing, perhaps offensive, and a surprise to me.  With victims and planes casually falling, or floating without emotion, and a cute, red lipped chick, big in the foreground. I don’t get it – maybe it’s a French thing. I know that cute chicks on book covers sell books … still …

The collaboration with Plantu was great fun.  Plantu is a big star in France, with his cartoons gracing the front pages of the national newspaper, Le Monde, for over twenty years. I’ve never heard of editorial cartoonists having a graphic conversation like this before.  We decided to bounce back and forth between two page spreads, working forward through the ten years. This was a pretty big project, and explains why I didn’t draw very many editorial cartoons back in January and February.

Le Monde is publishing excerpts from the book in their weekly magazine; a copy of a spread from my conversation with Plantu is below, and further below are a couple of my spreads in English, at a readable size.


One of the spreads from last Sunday's Le Monde, showing my graphic "conversation" with Plantu.



Sarah Palin and McCain Rogue Pit Bull

Sarah Palin and McCain Rogue Pit Bull COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Sarah Palin, POprah Winfrey, Going Rogue, book, pit bull, lipstick, John McCain, Senator, governor.vice precidential campaign, Steve Schwartz