We have programming on and that makes an artist’s work disappear if he/she hasn’t posted a cartoon in the past thirty days. Cartoonists retire and disappear quietly.

But today, I noticed – for the first time in three years – my cartoonist buddy Tab from Canada posted a new cartoon, and made his old archive reappear!  Tab retired when he was laid off from the newspaper in Calgary. Tab! So nice to see you’re back! I hope this won’t be the only cartoon from you! Here’s Tab’s cartoon.

 Tab! cartoons

And here’s Tab’s last cartoon from 2011, when he retired.

46262 600 Tab! cartoons


Bush Sharon Abbas Arafat

Bush, Sharon, Abbas, Arafat © Daryl Cagle,,Mideast,Israel, Ariel Sharon, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestine, Palestinian, Isreal, Isreali, President George Bush, Yasser, Arafat, pushing, shaking, knife, stabbing, Middle East, war, conflict, terror, terrorism