Conservative Cartoonists Weigh in on ‘Occupy Sesame Street’

The battle over Sesame Street continues to be waged on the battlefield of TV news. The President has heightened his rhetoric following last week’s debate about Romney wanting to defund PBS, and Republicans have responded by playing a clip of Obama during 2008 when he said, “If you don’t have a record to run on… you make a big election about small things.”

We’ve had a lot of cartoons come in over the past week about Romney trying to kill Big Bird, so in order to prove not all cartoonists think alike, here are a handful of cartoons about the effort to defund PBS from our more conservative cartoonists. 

Eric Allie thinks President Obama might have the wrong priorities…

While Augusta Chronicle cartoonist Rick McKee thinks Big Bird’s argument might be mistimed…

Columbus Dispatch cartoonist Nate Beeler finds the one Muppet that doesn’t support the President…

Beeler also introduces us to this Christmas season’s hottest toy…

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review cartoonist Randy Bish thinks the argument boils down to simple math…


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Cartoonists Weigh In On The First Presidential Debate

Viewers turning in to see a firey, zinger-filled debate were treated to an event columnist Peter Funt said “was such bad television that many Americans, including the prized “undecided voters,” probably gave up and changed the channel.”

One of the most talked-about nuggets to come out of the debate was Romney’s renewed call to cut funding to PBS, despite the fact it only accounts for 0.012 percent of the budget (check out all our Defunding PBS cartoons). Here’s the cartoon I drew at the time Republicans proposed defunding PBS as a way to help balance the budget:

Rob Tornoe’s cartoon from last night also weighs in on the desire to give the budgetary axe to Sesame Street. Poor Big Bird:

Our conservative bomb-thrower Gary McCoy predicted how the so-called “mainstream media” would try to spin last night’s debate results:

While Mobile Press-Register cartoonist JD Crowe dug past the soundbytes to try and find the truth fact checkers seemed so desperate to uncover:

Speaking of fact checkers, Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant figures with all the misstatments during last night’s debate, they’re about ready for the funny farm:

Meanwhile, Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News reminds us what follows every presidential debate:


My Muppet Cartoons

I just drew another Muppet themed editorial cartoon, about Chick-Fil-A, below.  I worked for the Muppets from the 1970’s into the 1990’s; the Jim Henson organization made my career as a cartoonist so whenever the Muppets make the news I feel nostalgic.

Chick-Fil-A Muppets

I drew this one when Congress was cutting funding to PBS.

Sesame Street Muppets Congress Execution

I remember when Stephen Colbert testified before Congress, in character, and Republicans complained that they might as well have Elmo testify before Congress, another good occasion for a Muppet cartoon.


Sesame Street Muppets, Stephen Colbert, Congress, Elmo

This one was when the evil Goldman-Sachs traders derisively called their customers “Muppets,” for them, synonymous with “suckers.”


Goldman Sachs Muppets

The Children’s Television Workshop folks announced that Cookie Monster would no longer eat unhealthful cookies.

Sesame Street Cookie Monster

I drew this one when I was a local cartoonist in Hawaii, and Hawaii was running up to a vote to legalize gay marriage (which failed).  A conservative Christian group was outraged by the cartoon and organized a noisy protest outside my newspaper, the Midweek, demanding that the cartoonist “come out!” (I wasn’t really inside, I was at home in California, pretending to be a local Hawaii cartoonist.)

Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie, Gay Marriage, Hawaii

Here are some examples of what I drew and designed back in my Muppet years … the good old days.  I still love the Muppets.

Milton Bradley,The Great Muppet Caper Card Game

The Great Muppet Caper Galsses, McDonalds

Muppets,Wocky,Fozzie Bear,Muppet Magazine