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Trump’s Church Photo Op

We just witnessed a crazy scene where Trump had peaceful protesters next to the White House, in Lafayette Park, forcibly cleared out by police, teargas, horses and troops –so that Trump could have a photo op, holding up a bible in front of a church. There had been an arson fire in their bathroom of the boarded-up church that was likely caused by thugs during an earlier protest. Trump a bible up, upside down, as he stood in front of the church, inspiring the cartoonists.  I’ve posted the best of the church photo op, from twelve Cagle Cartoonists; come take a look …

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Randall Enos

R.J. Matson

Steve Sack

Dave Whamond

John Darkow

Bill Day

Pat Bagley

Adam Zyglis

Dale Cummings

John Cole

Kevin Siers

Bruce Plante

Milt Priggee

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Catholics and Condoms

Our good friend, cartoonist Michael McParlane, couldn’t help himself when it came to drawing this cartoon about the Catholic Church and the ongoing debate about birth control.

Here’s what McParlance said:

I’ve always felt that most, if not all religious “leaders” are misogynistic war-mongering perverts. Birth control ought to be an individual decision and not subject to legislation.