Cardinals, Scalia and Hugo Chavez

Here are my most recent two – I think cardinals are great fun.  See more Pope Retirement cartoons here.

128296 600 Cardinals, Scalia and Hugo Chavez cartoons

And Justice Scalia likened the Voting Rights Act to a racial “entitlement” … we have a great collection of Scalia cartoons, here’s mine …

128175 600 Cardinals, Scalia and Hugo Chavez cartoons

The big cartoon news this week was the death of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez – and we’ve gotten lots of Chavez cartoon traffic. The death of a despot is always great fodder for cartoons.  The most popular Chavez cartoon, by far, is this gem by Hajo
128266 600 Cardinals, Scalia and Hugo Chavez cartoons

We have a great collection of Chavez Obituary cartoons here.  Come enjoy!


Catholics and Condoms

Our good friend, cartoonist Michael McParlane, couldn’t help himself when it came to drawing this cartoon about the Catholic Church and the ongoing debate about birth control.

Here’s what McParlance said:

I’ve always felt that most, if not all religious “leaders” are misogynistic war-mongering perverts. Birth control ought to be an individual decision and not subject to legislation.


Catholic Church Crisis and Cartoon Circus

As the Vatican defends against lawsuits and launches a public relations blitz to defend the Pope, editorial cartoons may be the most visible, powerful and damning criticism the church faces. The cartoon floodgates have opened as editorial cartoonists around the world have released a deluge of Pope bashing cartoons.

By an odd coincidence, the Catholic Church has a strong presence in countries that happen to have a strong tradition of cartooning and the passionate anger of cartoonists who were raised in the church has been on display recently like never before.

Here is a selection of church scandal cartoons from around the globe.

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