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Here’s my new cartoon about gerrymandering, with a kid drawing an accurate map of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District in crayon on his living room wall. Gerrymandering is the process of drawing district lines, often house by house in crazy maps, to give an advantage to a particular party or candidate.

Gerrymandering will be more in the news soon as former president Obama has said he will be working hard on the issue and our former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he may run for the Senate on the issue of gerrymandering. We’ll see a new round of congressional gerrymandering with the next census in 2020, with lots of battling for position taking place in the run up to the state elections where Republican legislators have been very successful in drawing crazy districts that gave them control of congress (Democrats are just as bad when they are in control.)

See me draw this one in real time, in the video below, and see a map of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District!

In the next video see me coloring the cartoon in Adobe Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq.


Bankrupt Borders Cartoons

The “going out of business sale” is underway at 399 Borders stores across the country, marking an end to the once-strong bookstore chain. As sad as the closure and the job losses will be for the local communities Borders serves, it is somewhat ironic that the very store that helped push independent bookstores out of existence is now suffering the same fate due to Amazon’s power.

What do cartoonists think of Borders’ shutdown? Check out our Bankrupt Borders cartoon collection to find out.

Gary McCoy / Cagle Cartoons (click to view cartoon collection)