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I vote for NO WITNESSES!

On Friday the Senate is expected to vote on whether to call witnesses for the impeachment trial. As of now, it is possible that four Republicans can be found to vote for witnesses, in particular, John Bolton –but it is likely there will not be four Republicans who vote for witnesses. Here’s my cartoon …

I was reminded that people like to see my rough sketches, so here you go.

You can see I fiddled with making the elephant’s butt bigger and moving his head forward, and whether or not to put the tie in front of his shoe. This is an odd angle to draw, but it is the best angle for effective mooning –I’ve done it before. Here’s one that I drew over 20 years ago, during the Florida recount in the Bush vs. Gore election.

My biggest regret from my career as an editorial cartoonist is that I supported the run-up to the war in Iraq, and I believed The New York Times‘ bogus stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (I won’t make the mistake of trusting The New York Times again.) Here’s one of my run-up to war in Iraq cartoons, about Saddam obstructing the weapons inspectors in Iraq –we later learned that what Saddam was hiding was his fragile ego, since he had no such weapons.

I think it is a general rule for editorial cartoonists that whenever there is a good excuse to draw a butt, a dog or a Statue of Liberty, you gotta grab it and run.

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The Big Eye

My brilliant buddy, Randy Enos remembers working for CBSsee Randy’s archive of editorial cartoons, email Randy Enos –Daryl

Around 1964, I did my very first animation job. It was for CBS and I got to work for the legendary Lou Dorfsman who shaped every aspect of corporate design for CBS in his 40 years there. I was tasked with creating ten, 10 second “teaser” spots which would be used at station breaks on the network.

CBS had just created a break-through technology they called VPA (Vote Profile Analysis) which would hopefully predict the outcome of elections, shortly after voting had begun, with supposedly, a high degree of accuracy. It was top secret. They were going to reveal it when the time was right and the job I had been assigned was to tease the public and build up curiosity until then. We would throw out the letters V P A to the viewers and make everybody wonder what the hell it meant in ten second bits between programs. We also popped the words “Vote Profile Analysis” in small letters in the last few seconds at the bottom of the screen.

So, my first animation experience was to be the manipulation of three simple black type letters into 10 arresting filmic arrangements.

I zoomed a “V” from a tiny dot on the screen to full screenrevolving it upside down while it was joined by “P” which had slid in from the right side. The upside down “V” became an “A” with the addition of the crossbar while the “P” disappeared.

I panned a “V” onto the screen, in another spot, zoomed in to the blackness of the letter and zoomed right back out to reveal that it was now a “P”, then back in and out to reveal the “A”.

I continued on in this fashion, zooming, panning and twirling the letters around through ten variations avoiding the more obvious approach of actually just manipulating the forms into each letter. I kept the letters whole all the time, maintaining their dignity as type forms and not succumbing to “Walt Disney” anthropomorphic transformation or just melding from one letter form to the other.. I felt that it described the “style” of CBS to keep it simple, black and white, elegant movement and transformation.
As simple as it was, and maybe because it was so simple, it became, I think, the most creative endeavor of my short animation career. It’s so compelling to get caught up in the rhythm of a job like that where the ideas just start popping into your brain. It’s good to have a time constraint to work around that forces you to be basic, direct and clean. No time to get “junky” in 10 seconds.

For weeks and weeks before they revealed their proud program that was going to beat all the competition in vote projection, we watched my VPA’s dance around for 10 seconds at every station break.

I haven’t been to the CBS building in many years, so I don’t know what it’s like now, but when I used to go into the building in those days, it wasn’t like going into any other big corporate building; it was carefully designed by Dorfsman (I guess), in every detail. There was the “CBS” typeface that was used everywhere down to the elevator buttons. When you arrived at your floor, there was a spacious waiting area wherein a receptionist sat a plain, clean desk. the décor was of a black and white or subtle grey: floor, rugs, walls, ceiling, etc.. Radiating off this main area there were long corridors going off to the different offices. At the far end of each corridor was the shock of a big square very brightly colored abstract painting. That was the only color. All aspects of the offices were rigidly controlled. Receptionists told me that they couldn’t have even a stray paper clip on their desk. Everything had a place that was design controlled and policed.

When you stepped into that building, you weren’t stepping into a building, you were stepping into a huge, formal piece of graphic design –cool, clean, elegant, black and white.

Down the block sat the NBC building, my next network client, a virtual riot of peacock color.

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Kavanaugh Grope

The Republicans seem to be tone deaf about how they sound when they dismiss women’s sexual assault claims. “Tone deaf” and how things “sound” don’t translate well into editorial cartoons, which are all about how things look, so I thought the GOP elephants groping the justice statue character made the same point visually.

The descriptions of Kavanaugh’s alleged high school and college offenses have been pretty graphic, but the bar for how graphic a cartoonist can go in editorial cartoons in America is not set very low, so I’ll be interested to see if newspapers will print cartoon elephants grabbing Justice’s boobies. I’ll know soon!

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Here’s my new cartoon about gerrymandering, with a kid drawing an accurate map of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District in crayon on his living room wall. Gerrymandering is the process of drawing district lines, often house by house in crazy maps, to give an advantage to a particular party or candidate.

Gerrymandering will be more in the news soon as former president Obama has said he will be working hard on the issue and our former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he may run for the Senate on the issue of gerrymandering. We’ll see a new round of congressional gerrymandering with the next census in 2020, with lots of battling for position taking place in the run up to the state elections where Republican legislators have been very successful in drawing crazy districts that gave them control of congress (Democrats are just as bad when they are in control.)

See me draw this one in real time, in the video below, and see a map of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District!

In the next video see me coloring the cartoon in Adobe Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq.

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Go Vote!

Here’s a generic, voting day cartoon. I know the other cartoonists are in a fever pitch over the last days of the campaign season – but I’m weary of it. The Trump name-calling cartoons continue to flood in with Hillary bashing taking a back seat. I’m looking forward to a time when there are more topics for cartoonists who might chime in with different opinions.

And I miss my donkeys and elephants. Since the Republicans have fractured, and an anti-Trump cartoon isn’t necessarily anti-Republican or anti-conservative, the poor elephant has suffered from a lack of clear direction. I miss my single minded elephant.

Videos will come back. I promise.

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Don’t Don’t Don’t Vote for Trump

Want to watch me draw this cartoon? Here I am doing the line art

And here the first part of it being colored in photoshop

and here is the second part

Here is the cartoon today in my local Santa Barbara News-Press. It is still fun to see my cartoon in the newspaper.





California Gov Brown and New Taxes

California Gov Brown and New Taxes © Daryl Cagle,,Jerry brown,Bullet Train,taxes,California,Budget,legislature,vote