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Strong Dollar!

I’ve drawn a lot of dollars over the years – usually when the dollar goes down. Now the dollar is on a tear, close to the value of the Euro, and leaving other currencies in the dust. For us, that means our foreign Cagle Cartoonists get a raise (from their perspective) – but American businesses are suffering from seeing cost of their products and services rise around the world. It looks like this is all happening because the economies in the rest of the world are pretty lousy, compared to ours.

I wanted to make George Washington look like a wrestler, and I made is head a little small – it is about brawn, not brains.

Here’s a recent one, when it was announced that Harriet Tubman would be kicking Andrew Jackson off of the twenty dollar bill …

Here’s another recent one, imagining Lincoln’s reaction as Donald Trump won over the “Party of Lincoln.”

This one is from back in 2011, when it looked like the value of the dollar was being chipped away.

This one is from 2010, when the news was about the Chinese keeping their currency artificially low to steal business away from America.

This one is from 2009 – for some reason those dollars China was eating up weren’t tasting so good. Now I forget why I drew this one; dollars are always yummy to pandas.

When I drew this one back in 2007, we were on the eve of the great recession and the dollar was sinking.

Here’s another one from 2007 when the fall of the dollar was a big story.

This one from back in 2004 was more of a reflection of George W. Bush’s War on Terror.

I actually have more – but this is plenty!