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My Favorite Cartoonist/Journalist!

I’d like to introduce everyone to my brilliant cartoonist/journalist daughter, Susie Cagle. Unlike the cartoons that everyone is used to seeing on, Susie’s work is non-fiction; she does original reporting in cartoons.

Cartoon journalism is still pretty rare, but it is very effective, especially for making dry topics more interesting and adding some feeling and humanity to stories where text falls flat. And as photojournalism has been made more difficult in our current strange circumstances, cartoon journalism works even when access is difficult. I’d love to see publishers embrace more reporting through cartoons.

Susie freelances from her home in Oakland, California for many major publishers. Here are links to more reporting gems that Susie did for The Nation, WNYC in New York, The Guardian newspaper and another one for The Nation. She’s busy while she’s sheltering in place and I’m delighted to write that she’s expecting a baby boy in November, who will be my first grandchild.

Susie is hoping to earn support from fans on her Patreon page! I encourage everyone to take a look, to see what’s new from Susie and support cartoon journalism! Look below for three excellent, pandemic cartoon interviews that Susie did recently for The Guardian newspaper and visit Susie’s Patreon page to see more.

Support Susie and see more of her work.

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