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E-mail Ouch!

FBI Director Comey threw an ugly curveball at Hillary last week when he re-opened the investigation into her e-mails. I love to draw people throwing ugly curveballs.

Yes, I know I should have done a live-stream video of this one. I’ve been taking a bit of a cold-infused vacation from my video regimen. I’ll start up again soon. Really.

I drew another cartoon about the Russians and Wikileaks that I didn’t color because the Comey investigation news came out as I was starting to color the cartoon; I thought the new story drowned Wikileaks out. Here’s my Russian general that, I would guess, few readers will see.



Anothony Weiner INFINITY

WEINER300wideCAGLE Anothony Weiner INFINITY cartoonsI just finished my new Anthony Weiner cartoon, “Weiner FOREVER” and I thought I should give some explanation. That’s my rough sketch at the right.  The color version is below.  I duplicated the infinite number of little Weiners in Photohop.

Weiner is an atrocious, self-absorbed nut-case, but he is a gift to cartoonists. We have a wonderful collection of Weiner cartoons here – take a look!

I have to credit my ultra-right-wing cartoonist buddy, Sean Delonas with the Weiner as a little dick idea, from his cartoon (below). I thought the never-ending/infinity aspect to my cartoon was different enough to justify a new cartoon, but I have to acknowledge that I ripped Sean off.

Thanks Sean!


135080 600 Anothony Weiner INFINITY cartoons

Here’s Sean’s cartoon that I ripped off.
135033 600 Anothony Weiner INFINITY cartoons

Here’s a Cagle/Weiner oldie.
93881 600 Anothony Weiner INFINITY cartoons