Obama’s Big, Manly Pen, Again

Fox News is aghast and aflutter about President Obama saying he’ll unilaterally enter into an international agreement on Climate Change.  Obama touts that he has a “pen and a phone” to do business without congress.  The pen amuses me.

Barack Obama,pen and a phone,congress,GOP,Republicans,elephant,ink,Climate Change,environment,global warming
President Obama’s pen annoys the GOP.

Like almost every cartoon I draw, I think the black and white line version looks better – and it is what most people will see in the newspaper …

President Barack Obama, phone and a pen,GOP,Republicans,elephant,Climate Change, Global Warming
Black and white always looks better, huh?
My Obama has grown to be gray-haired and weary.

I realized that kids these days might not be familiar with fountain pens, and how they would occasionally squirt by mistake. I was reading Classic Peanuts recently as Charlie Brown was writing to his pen-pal with a fountain pen, squirting all over the page. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter on paper, or the last time I used a fountain pen. Charlie Brown is a classic, but the strip seemed to define the elderly audience of the newspaper.

At the right is a close-up detail view of Obama’s head from this cartoon. Over the course of his presidency I’ve been drawing Obama more gray haired and more weary looking. He’s having a visual transformation in cartoons as well as in reality. Also, in his news conference yesterday Obama was wearing a light tan suit. I’ve never seen Obama wear anything other than a black suit! For cartoonists the tan suit should have been the big story of the day.  I like to draw pinstripes and I’ve gotten comments that Obama doesn’t wear suits like the ones I draw him in – artistic license – the cartoon above would have been lousy with a black suit, the composition needs the black pen and black ink to work – a black suit would ruin it.

The renewed talk about Obama’s “pen” got me thinking about a cartoon I drew when the “pen and phone” talk first came out …

Obama with his manly, phallic pen.
Phallic Putin by Taylor Jones.

My new Obama-pen cartoon is also phallic.  Editorial cartoonists love to make phallic references in their cartoons. At the right is one of my recent favorites from Taylor Jones.

International cartoonists draw a whole lot of phallic cartoons. A recurring image is a warlike character holding a missile in a manly position.  Below is one by South African cartoonist Jeremy Nell …


The charmer below is from German cartoonist Rainer Hachfeld …

International cartoonists make me feel subtle.

And yes!  We now have a cartoon about Obama’s tan suit from Nate Beeler. I knew that tan suit would find its way into cartoons.

Tan Suit by Beeler!











Obama GOP and International Climate Change Agreement

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Very Manly Pen

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The Cartoon That Facebook Won’t Let You See

My buddy, cartoonist Kianoush Ramezani, an Iranian cartoonist who escaped from probable imprisonment by the Iranian Regime and was given asylum in France, posted this funny cartoon that was censored by Facebook (Facebook also blocked his account for 12 hours). I thought I would post it on Facebook too, and sure enough, they censored my posting too. The cartoons is below.  It makes me laugh, and it makes a religious/political point that I would expect, from Kianoush’s point of view.  See my buddy Kianoush here.

I’ve been blocked from Facebook for the next twelve hours.  Ouch!

Facebook censored my cartoon The Cartoon That Facebook Wont Let You See cartoons

Here’s what I got when I posted it – a double Facebook removal …

DoubleCensorKianoush The Cartoon That Facebook Wont Let You See cartoons


Anothony Weiner INFINITY

WEINER300wideCAGLE Anothony Weiner INFINITY cartoonsI just finished my new Anthony Weiner cartoon, “Weiner FOREVER” and I thought I should give some explanation. That’s my rough sketch at the right.  The color version is below.  I duplicated the infinite number of little Weiners in Photohop.

Weiner is an atrocious, self-absorbed nut-case, but he is a gift to cartoonists. We have a wonderful collection of Weiner cartoons here – take a look!

I have to credit my ultra-right-wing cartoonist buddy, Sean Delonas with the Weiner as a little dick idea, from his cartoon (below). I thought the never-ending/infinity aspect to my cartoon was different enough to justify a new cartoon, but I have to acknowledge that I ripped Sean off.

Thanks Sean!


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Here’s Sean’s cartoon that I ripped off.
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Here’s a Cagle/Weiner oldie.
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Impotent Jobs Growth

Impotent Jobs Growth © Daryl Cagle,,limp,impotent,penis,barack Obama,President,graph,employment,unemployment,erectile dysfunction,ED,jobs growth


E mail and Kids

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