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Sessions Kicked Out

President Trump had his mind on the FBI’s Russia probe when he kicked Attorney General Jeff Sessions out.

Remember when Trump kicked out his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, because of Flynn’s ties to Russia?

That seems like a long time ago, but the news happens so fast now, it really wasn’t that long. This seemed like a good time to update this one. Since I drew this one, I’ve started drawing Trump fatter, and with a bigger face and neck. I spent some years living in New York where Trump was in the news throughout the 1980’s, and he was a skinny guy. It has taken me some time to adjust my thinking of him as fat.

Doesn’t it seem like the characters who get the boot are the most fun to draw?

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Trump vs. Sessions

President Trump has been bashing Attorney General Jeff Sessions every day on Twitter. It looks like he wants Sessions to quit so that he doesn’t have to suffer the ugly politics of firing him.

My biggest issue was whether to draw any blood with the back-stabbing. I went for no blood. Editors don’t like blood. Now I wish I drew blood.

This is actually the first time I’ve drawn Sessions – and he is fun to draw.

Updated 7/28/17

It turned out that I did draw Sessions before – here:

And here it is in my local Los Angeles Daily News this morning. This is nice to see because it is rare that the Daily News, and it’s Southern California sister papers run an editorial cartoon, except on Sundays. Here’s a wrinkly scan (I spilled ice tea on it – can’t do that with the internet!)  And paired with Charles Krauthammer – yuck.


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Russian Tic-Tac-Toe

It looks like Jeff Sessions is the next in line to be brought down by a fishy relationship with Russia.

All three of these guys are easy to draw, and in that respect, I hate to see them go. Paul Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager, Michael Flynn was the National Sercurity Advisor, and Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General who just recused himself from an investigation which may or may not exist.

What is it with Trump and Russia? I could ask, what is it with cartoonists and those Russian nesting-dolls – is it possible to have any more nesting-doll cartoons? Sadly, I think we’re facing a bleak future of many more nesting-dolls cartoons. I haven’t drawn one yet, but I think everyone else has. Here are a few recent ones. Maybe we’ll see more nesting dolls than Pinocchios … someday … I can only dream.

Cartoon by Steve Sack
Cartoon by Simanca
Cartoon by Chappatte
Cartoon by Koterba
Cartoon by Granlund
Cartoon by Van Dam